How to check and cancel subscriptions on your iPhone or iPad

Almost every app and service today wants to sign up for a subscription. While this spreads costs over time rather than charging you all at once, it’s easy to lose track of your subscriptions and waste money on services you don’t use anymore.

If you usually sign up using your phone or tablet, you may be wondering how to check subscriptions on your iPhone or iPad, and then cancel them.

We’ll show you how to manage all the subscriptions you sign up for with your Apple account so you can take control of them.

How to check subscriptions on your iPhone

Apple makes it easy to review all subscriptions that are currently active through your Apple ID. This includes any third-party in-app subscriptions, as well as subscriptions to Apple services like Apple Arcade and Apple TV+.

Here’s where to find subscriptions on your iPhone:

  1. open the Settings The app on your iPhone or iPad.

  2. Click on your name at the top of the list.

  3. On the resulting page, tap Subscriptions.

While you’re here, it’s a good idea to make sure that a file Renewal receipts Scroll bar is on. This will send you an email every time you pay Apple for a subscription renewal, making it easy to track when you’ve paid for these services.

If this is not turned on, visit Settings> [Your name] > Media and Purchases > View Account > Purchase History. There you can see everything you’ve purchased from Apple, including subscription renewals and free app downloads.

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Next, we’ll look at canceling your subscriptions on iPhone.

How to cancel subscriptions on iPhone

After following the above steps to access the file Subscriptions Page for your Apple ID, you will see all active subscriptions billed through your Apple account. Click on the subscription you want to cancel or change the subscription from.

In the example below, you can learn how to cancel Apple Music. handle Apple Music Membership See details and change subscription type, if you want. It shows you what type of plan you have, when the subscription will renew, and your other subscription options.

You will see a file unsubscribe (or Cancel the free trial If you are still in the trial period) button below. Click and confirm this to opt out of the application service.

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When you cancel a paid subscription, most services allow you to continue using that service until the end of your subscription period. This is not the case for most of the free trial versions. For example, if you cancel the trial version of Apple Music, you will immediately lose access to the premium service.

Thus, if you want to use the entire free trial but don’t want to get charged when it ends, we recommend setting a reminder on your device to cancel the app subscription a few days before it ends.

If at any time you change your mind about a subscription and want to re-subscribe, click on its name in Expired section on this page. You will then see options to start your subscription again. Confirm what you want, then your subscription will be active again. And don’t forget the Apple One, which lets you bundle many Apple services at a discounted price.

How to manage your iCloud storage plan

There is one notable exception to the subscription verification and cancellation process on your iPhone: iCloud storage. Apple will charge you for any iCloud+ plans that include more storage than the default 5GB, but that doesn’t show up at the same time Subscriptions page.

Alternatively, to opt out of iCloud + plans on your iPhone, you will need to visit Settings> [Your name] > iCloud > Manage Storage. Here, press Change storage plan, Then Downgrade options, to return to the free plan. You can also change to a different plan category here.

How to cancel Apple subscriptions on your Mac

If you prefer, you can also cancel the app subscription on your Mac. Beginning with macOS Catalina, iTunes is no longer on macOS. As a result, the functionality to cancel app subscriptions is now in the App Store.

Open the App Store on your Mac, then click your name and profile icon in the lower left corner. Next, select Information display in the top right. You may need to confirm your Apple ID password to continue.

View account information on Mac

Once you see a file Account Information Page, scroll down to File Manages Section. You will see a file Subscriptions Enter with the number of subscriptions currently in your account; click Manages to the right of this.

From here, you’ll see a panel very similar to the one on the iPhone and iPad. This allows you to change or cancel your Apple or third-party app subscription, as long as you’re signed in with the same Apple ID.

Mac Manage Subscriptions

How to cancel Apple subscriptions on Windows

If you are using a Windows PC, you can manage your Apple subscriptions through the iTunes Subscriptions page. download iTunes for Windows If you don’t already have one, open iTunes and head over to Account > View My Account. This will take you to a panel similar to the App Store Account Information above; You may need to confirm your Apple ID before seeing it.

Scroll down and in a file Settings section, you will see a file Subscriptions Line. click Manages next to this. Then you can modify or cancel your subscriptions.

iTunes Windows Manage Subscriptions

Manage other subscriptions on your iPhone

Didn’t find the subscription you were looking for using one of the above methods? You will need to opt out of this service in a different way. The above subscription management only applies to apps you have subscribed to with your Apple ID. It will not display subscriptions you have made through other devices or services.

For example, you may have subscribed to Spotify Premium through the Google Play Store on your Android device, or joined Netflix from their website. While you can enjoy these accounts by logging into their apps on your iPhone, Apple has nothing to do with your subscription.

You will need to engage with the Service directly to manage your subscription. A quick Google search should take you to the appropriate website so you can sign in and manage it.

Spotify Premium Subscription

If you’re having trouble tracking down the source of a subscription, check your credit card statement to see which companies you’ve made payments to. Sellers like “Apple” or “App Store” indicate a subscription with your Apple ID, while the company name will likely appear for direct subscriptions. You may also have signed up using a service like PayPal or Amazon Pay, so look for those as well.

Otherwise, if you use Apple’s Family Sharing, your family member may have signed up for a subscription on their own. You can’t manage this from your Apple ID, so you’ll need to ask them to search, or use one of their devices to manage this subscription. You may also pay someone else for a shareable subscription that you need to talk to.

Finally, make sure that you have not subscribed to a different Apple ID than the one you are currently using. Check any other email accounts you have to receive emails from Apple.

A note about subscribing with Apple

We’ve covered how to cancel app subscriptions on your iPhone, so you’re all set to take control of recurring charges.

Before we conclude, be aware that subscribing to services through Apple often results in paying a higher price. This is because Apple takes 30% off all purchases made through the App Store, which leads to developers charging more to make up for that cost.

For example, Spotify Premium costs $9.99 per month normally. However, if you sign up through the iPhone app, you’ll pay $12.99 per month instead. There is no reason to do this, as you get identical service either way.

Fortunately, this has changed quite a bit as of 2021. Apple now allows some apps to link to their sign-up pages, which means you’re charged the regular price instead of paying more for a subscription through Apple.

If you have any third-party subscriptions through Apple, we recommend checking the respective company’s website to see if you can get them at a lower cost. You may be serious about paying the higher price for no good reason. Obviously, this does not apply to Apple’s first-party services.

Cancel iPhone subscriptions and save some money

Subscriptions are a convenient way to access the services you use from month to month, but they can easily get out of hand. It’s wise to take a few minutes to review the subscriptions you are currently paying for on your iPhone to make sure you’re not wasting money.

There are plenty of other tools to help you manage your existing subscriptions, especially if you share them with friends or family.

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