How to create a QR code for your Google Docs

In case you don’t know, QR codes are the best. This means that you want to share a digital file with anyone and everyone who passes it using a smartphone. Which is what you might want sometimes.

It’s easier than sharing links via email. In fact, you don’t even need the recipient’s email to share a file with them via a QR code.

You can share all kinds of things via QR code, but did you know that you can share Google Docs via QR codes? We’ll show you how.

Google Docs offers more tools than many users realize. Some of these tools are included in menus and toolbars, while others are hidden from view. QR Code Generator for Google Docs Both.

If you have never thought of doing this before, you may be surprised at how easy it is. It may frustrate you if you have tried it before because it is not the easiest.

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Two ways to generate a QR code for Google Docs

There are two ways to generate a QR code for Google Docs. The former may be more straightforward, but both are easy. You just need to know that they work.

1. Just like any other Chrome page

QR Code Generator from Chrome URL.

You can actually generate a Google Docs URL, just as you can generate a QR code for any web page. With Google Docs open in your browser, Left click URL in the text field at the top of the page.

This creates a square icon in the far right corner of the text field. Left click on this icon To generate a QR code for your Google Docs. Below the QR code, you can also download the code or copy a standard text link.

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2. Right-click on the toolbar

Chrome webpage QR code generator

With Google Docs open, you can also generate a page QR code by Right-click in the toolbar, above the document itself. This creates a popup menu.

About halfway down this menu, you’ll see the button labeled Create a QR code for this page, with the same square icon off to the right. Left click on this button to generate the QR code, download link, and text link.

What do you share when you share a QR code?

When you share a QR code with Google Docs, you are sharing exactly what you would share if you gave someone the standard text link. This means that before you start generating QR codes for Google Docs, you should understand what share permissions you have on this document.

For example, do you want other people to be able to share and edit your document by simply scanning the code?

The menu for sharing settings in a Google Doc.

You can adjust these settings by left-clicking on the blue button Participate button near the top-right corner of Google Docs.

Keep in mind that while another user requests the Google Docs app to edit Google Docs on their smartphone (if you give them this permission), anyone can view Google Docs as a webpage whether they have the app.

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Lots of things to share!

All that remains is to ask why Google Docs is involved in the first place. Quest notes for your backgammon? List of tasks and emergency contacts for a home sitter? Network name and Wi-Fi password for home guests?

Any information that you can share with Google Docs, you can share using a QR code.

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