How to host a virtual viewing party: 5 different ways

Movie nights have always been an excellent and very simple way to spend time with friends and family. It’s a casual way to get together, grab some snacks, and dive into a flick. Nowadays, meeting people is a bit more complicated, but that doesn’t mean movie nights are out of the question. Why not have a virtual viewing party?

Here’s how movie nights can become virtual.

1. Netflix

Teleparty how it works

TelepartyFormerly known as Netflix Party, it’s a handy solution to keeping movie nights on while you’re apart. You can be on different continents, but as long as you meet some requirements, you can enjoy the same advantage at the same time.

To have a virtual viewing party using Teleparty, you must have accounts on the streaming platform of your choice. The best part about Teleparty is that it supports Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and HBO Max. Virtual Watch Party allows up to 50 viewers at a time. It is up to you to decide how many you want to include.

Teleparty is a free extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. To use it and start a viewing party, you must install it and add it to your browser. Next, pin it to your toolbar, go to the streaming service of your choice and play what you want to watch. Then click start the party And share the party URL to invite other viewers. If you are the one to join, just click on the link and you are ready to join. Let the viewing party begin!

2. Disney+

Disney +

For a virtual Disney + viewing party with GroupWatchYou don’t need to install anything. The service works on smart TVs, along with web and mobile browsers. It is included in the Disney+ platform.

All persons included in the viewing party must be Disney+ subscribers. GroupWatch lets you stream on up to four devices simultaneously and allows up to six people to join the virtual movie night (which means seven viewers altogether).

You can choose the movie or show that you enjoy and can pause and rewind as you wish, thus affecting everyone’s viewing experience. You can even reply with emojis.

To use GroupWatch, go to the feature you want to watch, then tap GroupWatch icon It should be clearly visible. Once pressed, select (+) call. It will provide you a link to invite other viewers to your Watch Party. If you’re watching on a smart TV, you can use the Disney+ app for both emoji invites and reactions.

3. Zoom

Zoom It takes center stage when it comes to business meetings and get-togethers with friends and family. It also works well for movie nights too. The best part about using Zoom for your virtual viewing party is that only one person needs a subscription to the streaming service of your choice. Of course, this person also has all the control over watching: pause, rewind, etc.

To use Zoom for your virtual viewing party, you can video chat with other participants and share your screen playing the title. For the best possible experience, it is best if the person sharing their screen has a paid Zoom subscription. That’s because the free version limits meetings to 40 minutes. So, unless you’re watching a show with short episodes, it won’t provide smooth viewing.

To host a virtual viewing party with Zoom, set up what you want to watch so it’s nice to display on your screen. Then start a Zoom meeting, share your screen, and when asked what you want to share, choose the browser window with the feature ready to play. Choose Participate and enjoy.

4. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

As with Disney+, Amazon Prime Video has a watch party feature available without the need for installations (appropriately called Prime Video Watch Party). You can enjoy a viewing party on a desktop or laptop computer, and each participant requires an Amazon Prime Video subscription. One thing to note is that you can only watch Amazon content, so renting or purchasing other titles is not allowed.

Even if you have already gone through the process of paying for your rent or purchase, you will not be allowed to view the address. It’s a bit limited, but Amazon still has an extensive list of expendable content, so you’re sure to find something you enjoy.

To start a virtual Prime Video watching party, go to the feature you want to view and tap Watch the party Selection. You will have to enter your name, then the video will start. At this point, you can get the share link and copy and paste it into other virtual viewers.

5. YouTube

youtube party

youtube party It allows you to watch anything you find on YouTube with your friends.

YouTube Party is a free Chrome extension for watching YouTube videos in sync with your friends. To use it, simply download it and choose the video that you want to display by default, tap YouTube Party icon, And Get the party started. A shareable YouTube link is generated, and once you give it to other participants, it’s good to go with your viewing party.

There are also many other services you can use to have a shared virtual viewing experience with YouTube (Watch2GetherAnd SynctubeAnd two seven, and more). Whichever service you use, the virtual watch party host is free to create a room and invite other viewers to join it. Most of the time, you can also use the service to chat and reply to what you’re watching. Some of these services allow virtual viewers to turn on their microphones and webcams, which can be distracting (but also very fun if you’re watching a scary movie, for example).

6. Hulu

Hulu offers a Watch Party functionality that comes with the service, so you don’t need to install anything. It is an online service, so you will need a desktop or laptop computer to enjoy the virtual viewing party and access the supported web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge).

There can be up to eight people watching, and they all must have a Hulu subscription. Note that if you have an account but are under 18, you cannot join a watch group. Also, if you share an account with other people, but you all want to join the virtual viewing, you can do so with separate profiles.

To host a Hulu Watch Party, select the feature you want to watch by default. Next, check if the clock party icon is present and if it is, tap on it and Get the party started. You will get a sharable link to send to other participants, and once they join your group you can get started.

A virtual viewing party is the way to go

Spending time with friends and family is great, but getting to where they are can be a nuisance. Nobody wants to spend more than five minutes commuting. It’s a waste of time and energy, and if the weather is bad, it’s even worse. If you are hosting a movie evening, there is no picnic either, as you have to prepare your house for visitors and clean up afterwards.

However, the meeting practically works brilliantly for everyone. All you need is an internet connection and a computer, phone or TV, and you are good to go. Choose the best way to enjoy movie night, and have a virtual viewing party.

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