How to Remix Snaps on Snapchat

Inspired by TikTok’s Duets, Snapchat’s Remix feature lets you mix your original video with someone else’s video. Here’s how to use it.

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Snapchat’s Remix feature allows you to create new Snaps that are generated from your friends’ Snaps. You can record your Snap along with the original while it’s playing, just like the Duets feature in TikTok.

This article will show you how Snap Remixes work and take your Snapchat experience to another level of fun.

What are Snapchat Remixes?

Remix lets you record a video response to a friend’s Snap while their clip is playing right next to them. When you record your Remix, you have the option to select different formats, such as whether your video appears next to, above, or in the corner of the original clip.

This feature is unmistakably similar to TikTok’s Duets, which are usually dedicated to actual song lyrics as well as funny collaborations or reactions. Duets are basically two-in-one videos that show the original video alongside the new video. TikTok, like Snapchat, allows users to change the layout of the Duet.

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How to Remix Snaps on Snapchat

To make a Snapchat remix:

  1. open the stories tab and select the Snap you want to remix.

  2. Click on Three vertical points at the top right, then select remix shoot.

  3. You can choose different frames from the layout menu on the left to make things interesting.

  4. Edit your Snap as you normally would; Add GIFs, stickers, filters, and more.

  5. Finally, tap on File send icon To share a remix with your friend.

You can also make remixes of old Snaps. To do this, open a file memories tab, select Snap and then follow steps 2-5 above.

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Currently, you cannot save or share Snap Remixes that you create from your friends’ Snaps. However, you can save, share and send remixes that you create using your memories.

Be more creative with your shots

Remix feature allows you more creative ways to have fun with Snapchat. Take advantage of the feature to make Snapchat more exciting, and enjoy sharing with your friends!

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