How to take screenshots of a game with Ubisoft Connect

Whether you want to share a beautiful moment or a funny failure, it’s easy to take screenshots of your game with Ubisoft Connect. Here’s what you need to know

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If you want to take a picture while playing games, you don’t have time to fiddle with copying a screenshot in your photo editing software. This is why it is so easy for Ubisoft Connect to let you screenshot your game with a single keyboard shortcut.

We’ll show you how to take a screenshot using Ubisoft Connect and how to customize the associated settings.

How to take a screenshot in Ubisoft Connect

By default, the in-game screenshot capture key is F12. Simply press this at any time and the screenshot will be saved to your computer.

This screenshot will be stored in a file Pictures > Ubisoft Connect Folder.

Note that this only applies to games you play directly through Ubisoft Connect. You can use Ubisoft Connect to play games through Steam, for example; In these cases, you will need to refer to How to take screenshots on Steam.

How to customize screenshot settings in Ubisoft Connect

ubisoft Connect screenshot settings

  1. Open Ubisoft Connect.

  2. tap on menu icon (Three horizontal lines) at the top left.

  3. click Settings.

  4. From the left menu, tap else.

Here you can see the folder path where your screenshots are stored. click they change To make this a different path and Open the folder To see the folder and its image.

You can change a file Hotkey to take screenshot. Just click in the field and press the key(s) you want to assign.

Finally, you can also check out Save a lossless copy (.png) of screenshots And Take a screenshot automatically when an achievement is locked. Keep in mind that the former will take up more disk space than lost screenshots.

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It’s easy to take a screenshot with Ubisoft Connect

Thanks to Ubisoft Connect, it’s easy to capture an epic gaming moment. You do not need to exit the game; It is automatically saved for you.

If you need more advanced functionality, such as the ability to capture video, you should try Game Bar in Windows. It is a compact tool that offers many easy-to-use gaming features.

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