Joachim Noah delights his former teammates who shine with the Knicks

CHICAGO – Joachim Noah is a former bull who has never enjoyed flourishing in New York. But he is happy to see his former coach Tom Tebodeau and former Bulls teammates Derek Rose and Tag Gibson thrive.

Ahead of Thursday’s “Joakim Noah Night” celebrations at the United Center, Noah saluted his former co-workers in New York.

“Tibes is a great coach and seeing guys like Taj and Derek in New York I’m really happy for them. Great guys. I see how Taj moves around – not just on the field, but in [New York] social communication. I am really proud of him. This madness was my son. And now it’s like “OG”. Derek, I’ve seen these guys really do leadership roles and they’re doing it in New York and I see these guys doing it really well. …I’m so excited for them. ”

Joachim Noah
Joachim Noah
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Noah, who retired last year, lives in South Florida and isn’t looking forward to a training party, although he’s played for two good guys: Billy Donovan, with whom he won two National Championships in Florida, and Tibodo, with whom he collaborated several times. Run the match.

“To be a coach, you have to be a little sick,” Noah said before the Knicks’ 104-103 win over the Bulls. “When you don’t feel like it, you have to motivate the players to get the job done. This is hard work. On a professional level, it is very difficult.”

One reporter said, “So you’re saying that tibes is sick?”

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“Steps, he’s definitely sick,” Noah said. “I love him. It’s great for him to be in this game. Tepes and coach Donovan are great parents to me. Two guys I learned a lot from. Tepes always told me, ‘Take your house in order’.” The hardest workout of my life.And he’d always ask me, “Do you have your house in order?”

“And I didn’t know what that meant at the time. Now I understand what that means. It is something that resonates with me every day. Do you have your house in order? There are a lot of life lessons in basketball.”

On Wednesday night, Noah and his former Bulls teammates gathered for a party at a Chicago restaurant. Thibodeau fell in.

“He’s completely at peace,” Tibodo said. He gave everything he had for the game. There was nothing left. This is how you should come out. I am really happy for him.”

The Knicks are still paying Noah $6.4 million this season as part of his 2018 extended allotment waiver.

Nerlence Noel missed his fifth straight game of the regular season Thursday after missing all four games before the start of the season. But it looks very likely that he will be back in New Orleans on Friday. Tibodo said Mitchell Robinson, who scored nine points and six rebounds in the Knicks’ 104-103 win over the Bulls on Thursday, will remain center stage.

The Bulls had their wasted free agent by signing PG Lonzo Ball, SF DeMar DeRozan, and G Alex Caruso. In last season’s trade deadline, they added Nikola Vucevic.

The Knicks never bid for the ball, and decided he might not be ready to play a quarterback in the playoff.

Asked if he has been influenced by the Bulls’ strength, Thibodeau said: “It’s the way the league is built. You look at the addition – not just the Bulls, but a number of teams have added players. Then you try to study and analyze the impact it might have on your preparations and how you’re going to play. Against them the following year. That is the beauty of the league.”

MSG Network released a statement also condemning Comcast in its dispute with the cable company that is shutting down some Knicks fans in New Jersey and Connecticut: “Comcast closed MSG Networks nearly a month ago but is charging Xfinity customers in the Tri-State region of more than $10 per month for content they They don’t get it. Comcast shouldn’t treat their bottom line at the expense of frustrated sports fans — it’s time to ask when they’ll do the right thing and get the channels back or deduct all their customers’ money. Xfinity customers should contact Comcast now and demand an answer.”


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