‘One more person running for Ron’ – Cristiano Ronaldo is Manchester United’s best player… Solskjaer must find a system that works for him

My biggest disappointment with Manchester United is that people say ‘okay they have all these superstars’ but you still need a team.

The likes of Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, they have great personalities and players.


Troy Deeney says Man United should prioritize building a team around Cristiano Ronaldo[/caption]


Old Trafford boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has a lot to think about ahead of Saturday’s trip to Tottenham[/caption]

The difference for me is the way it operates and the way it is organized.

Everyone has big personalities, big players and big money. Some United players get paid more than they pay at City and Chelsea.

So why are they still more successful?

It should be about managing the entire building, from top to bottom.
Within this is Director Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

bears the brunt of it. I was shocked how United were dismembered by Liverpool.

You have to say it has been described as the first challenge of the season for them to show if they are on the same level as City, Chelsea and Liverpool. They certainly failed.

You are sitting watching “This is the contrast between the two”.

In terms of what happened next, he’s always tough with United because every time they lose a game it’s ‘Ole is not the man’.

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And when they start winning a couple, they are suddenly about to return to greatness. It is a fine thread.

I think the reason for the fans’ frustration is this: you still don’t know who the best player on their team is.

When everyone is fit, what is their best team? Who are the main wings? Why doesn’t Jadon Sancho play? There are many unanswered questions.

The argument that Cristiano Ronaldo is the solution or Ole’s problem goes out the window when you talk about Gilles’ talent.

If Ronaldo was 36, and we’ve all seen his stats and he doesn’t press, I would have expected two players behind him to do it. He’s your best player so it’s very simple.

Play your best players and play a style of soccer that takes better advantage of them and is more in control with the ball.

Look at Chelsea, for example. Under Frank Lampard, they played a certain way and everyone said ‘they’re good but they’re young’.

Palestinian Authority

Troy Deeney believes that Cristiano Ronaldo remains world class[/caption]

Once Thomas Tuchel entered, no one questioned the characters, the formation and the way they played. He asks for it.

Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola are the same.

I’m still in the boat of not calling people’s heads, but you have to say United, after three years under Ole, don’t have the style of play, the style of play and the top 11 starting players. How is that? They spent the money, so where do they build the land?

Gary Neville was careful not to call Ole and demand his dismissal. Personally, I don’t think this enters dangerous territory for the analyst.

I don’t remember being called for anyone’s job. He’s always asking for time, because that’s probably what he wanted in Valencia.

I feel when you’re a critic, you always care about your club’s interest. You have a level of respect.

Nobody cares about the past

“I need to take care of him because he was taking care of me at one point,” Gary thinks.

But you always risk going back and spoiling your legacy.

Everyone wants results and this is the industry. What Olly did in the mid-90s and into the 2000s was great but no one cares about the past. Football is “what you did to me lately”.

Tottenham is a great game. Would I be surprised if they lost and Ole was fired? I would and won’t.

Everyone is used to firing people, but the club said they will stay with him and talk about this long-term plan, so they will admit they got it wrong on a large scale. That would be surprising.

But if they’re going to look at someone like Antonio Conte or Mauricio Pochettino, I can see that.

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