Plex’s Crappy Sync gets a major overhaul, plus a new name — Geek Review

Plex's new Downloads feature, which replaces Sync.

Plex users find a lot of weird things to complain about, but everything they say about the service’s sync feature is completely and unequivocally true. Plex Sync is supposed to let you download media files for offline use, but it doesn’t always work and it sucks for use. The solution? Well, it replaces Plex Sync with a new feature called Downloads.

Hey, this has a beautiful ring for him! Downloads work the way syncing was supposed to — just tap to download or “Subscribe” to shows to download episodes automatically. Extended format compatibility and progressive conversion reduce the need for transcoding, thus increasing download speed. In addition, you will not need to search for offline content anymore. The dedicated Downloads pane lets you see all your offline content in one beautiful list.

The new Plex Downloads feature on mobile.

Professional users can still modify the downloads. Plex settings let you choose the download quality and file size, for example. But for the most part, downloads are as simple as salt. Seems to be the feature that syncing should have been on.

Downloads and syncs will exist together for now, though future app updates will kill syncing once and for all (you have to convert offline content to downloads before syncing will die, by the way). Keep in mind that downloads are a file plex lane , so that only subscribers can use it.

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