Popular board game ‘Pandemic’ arrives at the Arcade1Up endless gaming table – Geek Review

Pandemic is running at the Arcade1Up Infinity gaming table.

The first Arcade1Up add-on for the Infinity Game Table is here, and it’s Epidemic. The cooperative strategy game costs just $10 at the Infinity Game Table Store, and if our experience with this platform tells us anything, the digital version of Epidemic It may be more fun than a traditional board game.

The Infinity Game Table is a giant tablet with two removable feet. It comes with Lots of great games, Including monopolyAnd MahjongAnd scribbleAnd sorry, And Warship. Since these are all digital, you don’t have to worry about setting up a ton of plastic waste, reading a flimsy rule book, or putting things back in a box – it’s an easy single player or multiplayer experience.

Some games like monopoly, even support house rules. While we haven’t had a chance to explore all the features added to EpidemicWe’re excited to start playing the Infinity gaming table (which we reviewed earlier this year).

One final note—Arcade1Up promises that it will add ticket to ride To the Infinity Game Table Store. However, we are not sure when this next address will arrive.

Source: Arcade1Up Mailing List

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