Sean McDonough continues to provide context that avoids many broadcasters

Another busy week along the shores of Lake Catatonic, so without further ado – the “adobe” that first appeared in this long-awaited column – notes, quotes and anecdotes:

ESPN’s Sean McDonough is still underappreciated as a man who plays game after game in a fan’s mind.

On Saturday, after taking a look at Pete’s impressive offensive stats over the course of the season as he edged out Clemson, he encouraged cautious thinking, saying those numbers include the 77-7 win over New Hampshire, one of those eligible pay-to-kill jobs.

This, as has been largely lost in the sports media, is known as context. Say it slowly with me: CON-text.

ESPN, the entire sports network that once stated that Bobby Thompson’s “Shot Heard’ Round the World” was a “home tour for a 1951 NLCS title win,” does not usually include context, making McDonough stand out as unusual.

So if the Braves win the World Championship, then what? Well, deceptive political activist Rob Manfred has alerted Denver to get ready to deliver a parade for the brave.

In violation of the Geneva Convention according to cruel and unusual punishments, Fox, at the end of the Giant Panthers, stuffed with arrogant speeches Mark Schliereth, cut into Falcons-Dolphins, which the fox would likely have devoured for a long time without treating Daryl “Moss” Johnston’s gas bag.

Incidentally, the Falcons-Dolphins game ended with what actually qualified as part of the upcoming red zone failure shown on TV and discussion. The failure was a short, planned field goal for the Falcons to win in the final play.

If you don’t enjoy about a million dollars per CBS Tony Romo game, I get it. He talks a lot, has a rough voice. But I find it different, diabolical, amusing, my favorite, pleasingly ironic. Couldn’t help with that.

On Sunday, when Tom Brady floated a long pass in the arms of wide receiver Mike Evans, who grabbed her with a stride, Romo didn’t give her, “Oh, wow, that’s Tom Brady!” Little. He just said, “This scroll almost caught itself.” excellent.

Tony Romo Super Bowl 2021
Tony Romo
Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With the pirates blowing up the bears, a graphic emerged asking, “How many Tom Brady cards were passed by Jim Nantz in the regular season?” Nantz said it was the work of “our esteemed producer, Jim Rickhoff,” to whom Romo said, “not so respectable anymore.”

I’m with reader Ted Damecki. We’re still thinking about the Astros-Braves World Championship between National League teams.

Replay rules continue to rip life out of games for completely unintended purposes. The Panthers-Giants were separated on Sunday for 4:05 to determine if Giants recipient Dante Pettis’ stinger went past the turf before he scored.

TD has judged him before and after a prolonged delay in a futile pursuit of perhaps. In between, Fox grammar expert Dean Blandino concluded the immediately obvious — very close to inversion, and thus another colossal waste of time.

Joel Clatt, a Fox College senior football analyst and former Colorado quarterback, is at his best when speaking directly, pointing out workable things like blocking on the field.

When he starts playing not-so-great word games — “put a foot in the ground to run north and south” when he does “cut upfield” — he needlessly turns off viewers who listened to ABC/ESPN Kirk Herbstreet chose to lose his value as a self-defeating silly speaker.

Of course, there is no one in either network to fix either man.

There is a new “key to the game” – “stay on top”. I don’t know what that means, but if it’s “Make first downs”, the next play won’t start until the chains catch up.

On Sunday, the Giants left, 5-3, 1:16 in the half and with third and 19 of 46, Fox’s Adam Amin suggested the Giants might use their remaining timeouts and if they get the ball back. Blow a great opportunity to say something.

Adam Amin

Everyone aboard for an idiots outing!

It’s getting ridiculous by the hour. This week’s headlines claimed that Texas owner Cal McNair – racist – and misogynist Tony Romo – was attacked for unforgivable public actions.

McNair committed the unforgivable sin of referring to COVID as the “China virus.”

If only he had referred to Legionnaires’ disease, named in 1976 after patients present at the American Legion Conference in Philadelphia. German measles, West Nile virus, or Stockholm Syndrome.

Romo was attacked for suggesting with humor that the 600th football fan of Tom Brady might trade it in for a date with Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen — a harmless rift designed to do nothing worse than suggest she is extremely attractive.

Shame on them! If only they could hear them sing vulgar, misogynistic, porn, and Formula N rap, they could make an appearance on the Super Bowl halftime show.

But there is no escape from Stupid Virus.

Fox’s Eagles-Raiders, on Sunday, began reporting charts that the Raiders’ kickoff percentage is 19 in the league, while the Eagles’ average return is 23 in the league.

Thus, Philadelphia reader John Gidley wrote, “You know the old saying: When the twenty-third force meets the least resistance of the nineteenth most enduring thing, we must give something back!”

Why should we deal with fools? Why are the most offensive people protected while we are insulted?

This past Thanksgiving, CBS’s Nantz and marginal reporter Tracy Wolfson introduced black running back Adrian Peterson as a first-class human to distribute turkeys to the poor.

Adrian Peterson
Getty Images

Untold, but not well known, is that Peterson was suspended for a season for flogging his 4-year-old son, leaving wounds that led to felony child abuse charges, which were later reduced. Nor has he ever met a two-year-old son who was beaten to death by a mother’s friend. But what a man!

On Sunday, Nantz Wolfson teamed up again, this time to point out that there is a “good” defensive back Richard Sherman, injured, standing on the sidelines of Boss wearing a headset and whether he might want to become a coach.

Untold, but unknown, is that in July, Sherman was arrested on a stack of charges – including domestic violence, burglary and resisting arrest. Richard Hassan apologized, vowing to “get the help I need” — but then pleaded not guilty.

On CBS Jets-Pats, play-by-play man Andrew Catalon said Jets DB Marcus Maye has frequented the commercial market.

Catalon did not say May had a possible comment looming as he was arrested for a DUI for February and allegedly left the scene – something he was said to have failed to report or had forgotten to report to the planes. He was also sued by an alleged victim of that incident. Mai claimed innocence.

The first half of game 2 of the world championship. A parrot chart by insolent Joe Buck reports that the Fox Bet Sportsbook has the Astros’ Over/Under total scores of 8.5. Pathetic greed has replaced mere greed.

Howie Rose, after extensive surgery, continues to improve. He is expected to return to spring training.

Is the IRS “awake” like other government agencies? I now “define” 16, so no need to pay taxes, right?

Oh, well, as we say along Catatonic Lake, let’s all “stand with Kyrie!” – But not too close.


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