Twitter launches “Labs” to bring beta features to blue tier subscribers

Got a Twitter Blue subscription? You can try the latest features of the site that others have not yet received.

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Twitter Blue subscribers have some uniqueness on Twitter, thanks to the fact that they are paid, premium subscribers. And now, they will enjoy more exclusivity than before.

That’s because Twitter is launching “Labs,” a feature through which Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to give their opinions on features in the testing phase. But what is it all about? Keep reading to find it.

Twitter launched Labs for Twitter Blue subscribers

Twitter is launching a new feature called Labs for Twitter Blue subscribers. Labs will give Twitter Blue subscribers early access to the features that Twitter is testing, before these features are rolled out to non-paid Twitter users.

Twitter Blue is Twitter’s premium subscription service. It’s an optional monthly subscription service that offers users willing to pay a small fee exclusive access to premium features and customizations, but it’s not the same as blue tick validation.

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Twitter has launched two new features besides Labs

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The launch of Twitter Labs comes with two new features – conversations pinned to iOS, as well as longer video uploads from the desktop.

For the first time on Twitter, Pinned Chats on iOS will allow you to pin your favorite DMs to the top of your DM section, while longer desktop video uploads will allow you to upload videos of up to 10 minutes in length. This is important because standard Twitter users are limited to only uploading videos that are less than two and a half minutes long.

Essentially, Labs will give Twitter Blue subscribers the exclusives that come with being paid subscribers, rather than a free Twitter user. As for whether Twitter will roll out the features released via Labs to standard Twitter users, that will depend on feedback from Twitter Blue subscribers, who will determine whether those features are a blip, or whether they should be scrapped altogether.

Labs is currently only available in Canada and Australia, with plans to launch in other countries “soon.”

Twitter adds value to its Twitter Blue service

Anytime one is faced with the option of paying a subscription fee for something, they consider the value in paying for that service; Whether it’s worth their money – which should be tempting for those considering subscribing to Twitter Blue.

Upon launching Labs, Twitter gives Twitter Blue subscribers more privacy, setting them apart from standard Twitter users so they can get value for their money.

This is especially important because Twitter Blue is fairly new, so Twitter still needs to continue giving subscribers reasons to get and keep the service.

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