Watch Hulk’s response to opposing fans after they mocked the Brazilian for his controversial romance with NIECE

HULK reacted with humor as rival fans mocked him for marrying his former niece.

The Brazilian, 35, left his wife Iran Angelo de Sousa two years ago, before beginning a relationship with her niece Camila Angelou.

Fans tried to make fun of Hulk


Fans tried to make fun of Hulk
The Brazilian is expecting his fourth child from Camila


The Brazilian is expecting his fourth child from CamilaCredit: Instagram @hulkparaiba

Hulk and Camila are now married and expecting their first child together, the fourth Hulk.

The controversial relationship did not escape the attention of the opposition masses – who tried to use it as a stick to beat him with it.

But bodybuilder Hulk appears to have thicker skin than that.

At the Copa Brasil semi-final second leg match at Atletico Mineiro in Fortaleza earlier this week, local fans tried to mock the former Selecao international.

They loudly chanted “Daughter of eating” at the huge striker as he ran with his teammates.

Hulk turned to his supporters with a wide smile on his face.

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He waved to them at first, before sending a hearty nod in their direction.

It seems like it takes a lot more than that to rock the former Porto and Shanghai star.

Atletico won the match, with Hulk even scoring a late penalty to lead his team to the cup final.

Also featured in the list of scorers was former Chelsea star Diego Costa, who joined the Brazilian team last August.

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Hulk has been with Camila since October 2019


Hulk has been with Camila since October 2019Credit: Instagram @hulkparaiba
Diego Costa is Hulk's teammate at Atletico Mineiro


Diego Costa is Hulk’s teammate at Atletico Mineirocredit: Getty
Brazilian soccer player Hulk announces that his niece is pregnant with his fourth child

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