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Bedside Wyze light switch.

One downside to installing smart bulbs is that your light switches suddenly become useless. You can even stick it in the “on” position to prevent family members and guests from disabling your smart bulbs. That’s why Wyze releases a smart, programmable software light plug.

The new Wyze switch features a simple push-button design that can trigger four custom smart home actions. You can tap it once to turn on the lights, double tap to activate the robot’s vacuum, triple tap to turn on smart plugs, or press and hold to lock your doors.

You can also use the Wyze switch to turn a room full of light bulbs into smart bulbs with in-app controls, schedules, voice control, and other features. Of course, you need to install the Wyze switch on an existing light switch, and it won’t work without a neutral wire.

but that is not all! Wyze is also launching White Bulb v2.0, the second generation of the original smart bulb. The affordable Wyze Bulb White v2 features a new pairing process that allows you to set up multiple smart bulbs at the same time. Plus, it can go darker than the original Wyze bulb, and it packs a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90+ for increased color temperature options.

The Wyze key It costs $33 before shipping and should arrive in December. The Wyze Bulb White v2 pre-orders this March, but you can only buy a four-pack for $32. Wyze says it will sell individually packaged versions of the new smart bulb in the future.

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