10 messaging room tips and tricks for beginners

Despite the popularity of services like Zoom and Skype, Messenger Rooms shouldn’t be overlooked if you need an easy way to host video calls with your friends, family, or co-workers.

Messenger Rooms is completely free and easy to get started with. To help you on your way, we’ve rounded up the best messaging room tips and tricks.

1. You don’t need a Facebook account to join

While you need a Facebook account to create a Messenger Room, you don’t need one to join. For those who have left Facebook for good, perhaps due to concerns about the company’s privacy policies, it means they don’t have to miss a single call.

The Messenger's rooms join as a guest

When your friends click on the link to join, they can log in with their Facebook account if they wish. However, the primary prompt is to join as a guest. All they need is the name.

2. There is no time limit

On Zoom, there is a maximum time limit for group meetings of 40 minutes. If you want more time, you should upgrade to Zoom Pro.

With Messenger Rooms, there is no time limit, no matter how many people you chat with. This means you can take your time, relax, and not have to worry about the clock ticking.

3. Accommodates up to 50 people per room

Big pool in the messenger rooms

image rights: Facebook social networking site

You might be hard pressed to find enough friends to gather on a video call to get this far, but Messenger Rooms allows up to 50 participants per call.

This means it’s perfect for business meetings, virtual exams, family gatherings, and more. If you want to see more people on your screen at once, try Messenger Rooms desktop app.

4. Use the keyboard shortcuts for Messenger Rooms

If you’re in the middle of a call, you don’t want to fiddle with your mouse to open menus. Instead, you should use these Messenger Rooms keyboard shortcuts:

  • End the call: Alt + E
  • Full Screen: Alt + F
  • Share screen: Alt + S.
  • Settings: Alt + P
  • Mute toggle: Alt + M
  • Video switch: Alt + V

5. Control who joins your messaging room

By default, anyone with the Messenger Room URL can join. This is fine if you’re just giving the link to a trusted group, but if you’re using the call for more general purposes, you might want to control who’s allowed in.

So the Messenger's rooms

You can do this easily with Messenger Rooms. from I invite people window, click release Below is the room link. Toggle the permission level to Only the people you agree with.

Then, when someone tries to join, you can accept or decline. Keep in mind that if you enable this permission level, joiners will have to sign in to your Facebook or Messenger account. They cannot join as guests.

6. Share your screen

Are you trying to describe something on your screen to others in the call? There is no need. In Messenger Rooms, you can just share your screen with everyone so they can see exactly what you’re seeing.

To do this, click Share your screen icon from the bottom toolbar. It appears as two overlapping squares. You can share a specific window or your entire screen.

Everyone on the call will see your screen immediately. Perfect for demos, presentations, and more.

If you don’t want the other people on the call to be able to share their screens, go to See the participants in the call > Settings > Screen sharing.

7. Host a viewing party

Messenger rooms watching the party

If you can’t meet in person to see a movie, the next best way is to host a virtual viewing party.

With Messenger Rooms, you can watch Facebook videos together. Everyone watches the same and can control the video player, so everything stays in sync.

You can either chat via voice or via the chat box on the side. Try it – watch some comedy videos with friends or some emotional memories with family.

8. Chat with text

Although you will likely use Messenger Rooms primarily for the video and voice chat functions, there is also a text chat that you can get out of. Just click a file speech bubble in the top right.

Chat room messenger stickers

Here you can share files, GIFs, emojis, and create polls. It’s a great way to make your call more interactive.

The downside is that only those who are logged in with a Facebook account can use the chat. This means that anyone who joined your call as a guest will be disqualified – they won’t even be able to read it, let alone participate.

9. Easily share your room on Facebook

If you use Facebook, it’s easy to share your room with different sections of the social network site.

To do this, click broadcast live Top right (looks like a camera). Here, you can choose where to share your room with (timeline, page or group) and who the audience is (such as all your friends or specific friends).

You can also create a room from other Facebook apps and devices, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Portal. If your guests use these, they can join them too, no matter what you used to create the room.

10. Expel any rioters

Although it will hopefully not happen to you, sometimes people cause trouble with the call. With Messenger Rooms, you can quickly deal with these troublemakers.

Messenger rooms remove user

click See the participants in the call From the bottom menu (the icon looks like two people) and tap Remove Next to the culprit, then Remove again to confirm it.

If it’s not already your room, it’s set so that only people you approve of can join. Also, the person you removed will not be able to rejoin the room. If they are logged into Facebook, you can prevent them from joining one of your rooms again.

Take advantage of all Messenger room offers

Messenger Rooms are simple to handle. Use our tips and tricks and you’ll soon discover all it has to offer. It may become your favorite tool when hosting online gatherings.

Decided that it is not you? This is totally fine, since there are plenty of other excellent alternatives like Whereby, Skype, GoToMeeting, Zoom, and more.

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