Astros vs Braves World Series Predictions: Houston is the choice

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) MLB wants to rename the clearly offensive “Bullpen” to “arm barn.” not seriously. Not to be outdone, Mayor Bill de Blasio wants “caught theft” to be described as “caught borrowing” and Danny DeVito wants to change the center of the shortstop to a “vertical stop”.

I’m not sure what Pope Francis and President Biden were talking about, but odds are that rapper Fetty Wap got into the conversation at some point.

No game 4 shooters have been named as of Friday night. We bet Bravos on Game 3, but having the Astros take that streak back to Houston and win it in the end. So we will support Stros, no matter who starts, for 20 units in Game 4.

I did well! I did well! Ian Anderson threw a hard hit for five rounds, and the “arm fold” Astros grabbed two harmless hits the rest of the way and closed out Atlanta Houston 2-0. Travis Darno helped the Braves take a 2-1 lead. We got a Win at -1,001 felixmillans.


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