Candidates sue after hundreds of ballot papers are sent to wrong addresses

Two candidates for elective office in Pennsylvania are suing after a vendor delivered 670 mail-in ballot papers for Tuesday’s election to the wrong voters, according to a published report.

Michael Bobbio, an attorney representing Republican Delaware County Council candidates Frank Agovino and Joseph Lombardo, requested an emergency hearing to find out the extent of the problem, arguing that the errors had put “the integrity of the municipal elections … on the line,” The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on Friday.

The county admitted mailing defective ballots October 25 to addresses that failed to match voter information on the ballot inside, resulting in people getting someone else’s vote. The newspaper stated that it is trying to address the problem by identifying defective ballot papers and mailing new papers.

The suit alleges that ElectionIQ, the Akron-based vendor the county has hired to deliver the ballots, was not “close…in terms of the extent of their mistakes,” the Enquirer reported.

“If an immediate hearing is not held to determine the extent of…” the errors, the lawsuit says, “the validity of the November 2, 2021 municipal elections is in jeopardy.”

Delaware County Elections Director James Allen told the Inquirer that the county is aware of the lawsuit and plans to respond to it.

ElectionIQ did not return messages immediately.


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