Get insights into how you spend your time on Google Calendar

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend in meetings or even who you meet the most? With Time Insights in Google Calendar, you can see the details of your time.

What is Google Calendar Time Insights?

The goal of Time Insights is to better understand how to spend your time. With the kind of information you learn, you may decide to make adjustments to your schedule or find out what day you have most of your meetings. Here’s how Time Insights works in Google Calendar.

Noticeable: As of October 2021, the feature is available to Google Workspace customers including Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and Nonprofits. Users with free accounts

View time stats in Google Calendar

Go to Google Calendar Website and login. If necessary, display the main menu on the left side by clicking on the hamburger menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the upper left.

You’ll see a section at the top of your calendar list for Time Insights that you can expand.

Expand Time Insights in the list

This gives you a quick look at your time in meetings for the day, week, month, or year, depending on which calendar view you’re currently using. For a detailed view, click on “More Ideas” which opens a scrollable sidebar on the right.

Click More Ideas

Here, you’ll see your time information divided into three sections for splitting time, time in meetings, and people you meet. Let’s take a look at each one.

time management

With a handy pie chart at the top and details below, you can view how much time you spend on different types of meetings in the time split area.

time management

You can see one-on-one meetings, those with three or more guests, which events you need to respond to, and how much time you have left based on your working hours.

split time information

If you change your calendar view using the dropdown menu at the top of the Google Calendar screen or using a keyboard shortcut. You will then see that the time division adjusts accordingly.

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time in meetings

The Time in Meetings section shows you exactly that, how much time you spend in meetings.

Time in meeting information

At the top, you can see which day of the week most of your meetings take place along with the daily rate. Below, you’ll see one-time meetings shown in light blue with recurring meetings in dark blue.

Time in meeting day display

Like the split time area, you can select a different calendar view in the dropdown list to see the time in meetings by day, week, or month. If you choose the year view, you’ll simply see the day for most meetings and the daily average.

Time on meeting day, week and month

The people you meet

The final area in Time Insights is to view the people you spend the most time meeting with and for how long.

The people you meet

The nice thing about this section is that you can install up to 10 people on it manually. So if you frequently attend meetings with a particular person, click the gear icon and select them from the list. Click Done and it will be installed in your list.

install people

In addition to knowing how much time you spend in meetings with your pins, you can quickly schedule a meeting with someone on your list. Click “Schedule Next Meeting” and the event details page will open with the collaborator as a guest. Simply complete the information and save the Google Calendar event as you normally would.

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Click Schedule Next Meeting

Like the other two areas in the Time Insights sidebar, you can see details in this section and they are set based on the calendar view you select.

If you’re interested in a way to allow others to schedule meetings with you only on certain days or during specific times, consider setting up appointment boxes in Google Calendar.

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