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The Sorta Sunny Pixel 6 is laid out on a table with similar items, such as earrings and plastic toys.
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Of all the factors that propelled the Pixel 6 to become a successful product, its unique design and use of color may be the most important. Shades like the Sorta Sunny look great, and even the color Stormy Black is able to stand out from other phones. Now, Google is explaining a file Collaborative design processAnd it’ll make you appreciate the Pixel 6 more than ever.

It all starts with the Google Color Material and Finish (aka CMF) team. And yes, I meant to say “starts”. CMF team works with Google engineers While Products under development. In the words of CMF Director Jenny Davis, “We don’t design color after the hardware is done—we actually do it together.”

When the Pixel 6 hardware took shape, the CMF team had time to experiment with its premium look and feel. He can then collect loose items, such as jewelry, seashells, clothing, and silverware and search for unique colors to complement the Pixel 6’s size, shape, and texture.

Interestingly enough, this is the first year that Google has been pushing transparent cases for its Pixel lineup. The company usually makes nice canvas cases that hide the design of its phones, but these transparent cases simply add to the Pixel 6’s colors. As Google explains, the accessories team took time to make the transparent cases look good with each new color path, providing customers with a degree of customization.

If you want to learn more about Google’s Pixel 6 design process, I suggest reading the company Full blog post about this subject. My only complaint is that the post is no longer available.

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