How to add automatic captions to your TikTok videos

Save time and let the powerful TikTok systems automatically create captions for your videos.

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TikTok users have waited for a long time to be able to add automatic captions to their videos. Finally, in April 2021, TikTok added this functionality. This great tool makes it easy for creators to make their videos more accessible to people and reduce the workload of manually adding captions.

The caption has become more of a necessity than one might suppose. It is not only incredibly useful for those with hearing impairments, but it is also suitable for the average user who may be scrolling in a public place or in a private place where they cannot listen to audio.

How to use TikTok Auto Captions

To use this feature, you must first create your own TikTok. After doing that, tap translation symbol in the upper right corner. If you do not see this icon, it means that the feature has not reached you yet. We recommend that you contact TikTok support and show them this issue. Alternatively, you can check out our guide on the different ways you can add closed captions to your TikTok videos.

After you select the Captions icon, TikTok will take a few minutes to analyze the text and display your captions. You can then use a file pencil icon Edits caption text to fix grammatical errors or voice recognition errors.

Unfortunately, you cannot modify the size or customize the text of the automatic captions. One solution that you can make is to use your phone’s speech-to-text feature to voiceover on TikTok and customize the text to your liking. You can open the keyboard and choose a file microphone icon To use this feature.

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Easier future

By assimilating the ever-increasing social media into our lives, it is important to create platforms that are accessible to all people. For the deaf and hard of hearing, automatic captions are a lifesaver. It’s a feature we’re now seeing implemented everywhere, including TikTok. And now you know how to add automatic captions to your TikTok videos.

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