I’ll be Giants Barkley and Kenny Goladay out against the Chiefs

The Giants flew once on the calendar on Monday as the target return date for Saquon Barkley and Kenny Goladay.

Put a big X through it now.

Barkley (at the ankle) and Golladay (at the knee) were disqualified for Monday against the Chiefs, which means the Giants will play a third straight game without the first rider and Goladay (in the knee) to drop. Neither Barkley nor Goldaday trained all week working with the coaches when the rest of the team stopped stretching to join individual drills.

“The trend is in a good direction,” coach Joe Judge said of their health. “We’ll see where she goes in the near future.”

If Giants Barkley and Golladay put into injured reserve after they first fell to the Cowboys, that would send them off for three games and open up two places on the roster. Instead, they hoped for a quick recovery.

I'll be Barkley (26), Kenny Goladay (19) and Toni Kadarius (89) in training on Thursday.
I’ll be Barkley (26), Kenny Goladay (19) and Toni Kadarius (89) in training on Thursday.
Charles Wenselberg/New York Post

It doesn’t seem as though gambling had a negative effect on depth given that the giants already have two more unfilled spots on the list. The Giants play on Monday and the following Sunday (Raiders) before saying goodbye.

The Giants are expected to regain two receivers listed in the injury report as suspect: Sterling Shepherd (hamstring) semi-locked after missing three of the past four games. The judge indicated that Toni Kadarius may have decided the match after his absence for the past seven quarters.

“The plan is to bring him on the trip and find out where he is, but he has moved well enough,” the judge said.

It wouldn’t be hard for the Giants to come out with their seven matchday malfunctions considering that five players are already out: In addition to Barkley and Goldaday, LB Lorenzo Carter, Carter Coughlin, and ES Nate Ebner have all missed out with injuries to the ball. ankle. . The tight Kaden Smith (knee) did not train on Saturday and is listed as questionable.

Carter is the only player to play central defense, but he only has a quarterback hit once in seven games. That could mean an even bigger workload for newbie Quincy Roche behind Aziz Ogullari and Auchan Siemens.

Indoor full-back Penardrick McKinney, a former Pro Bowler player, is expected to be promoted from the coaching staff for the second week in a row.

“He ramped up the training that showed up in the game last week,” Judge said.


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