Mitchell Robinson understands the pain of injured Patrick Williams

NEW ORLEANS – Starting center Mitchell Robinson helped the Knicks beat the Bulls with a tough game on Thursday, which included an assist against DeMar DeRozan in the air at the last second.

As it turns out, Robinson did a lot of damage. It was revealed on Friday that Robinson’s blatant foul on young Bulls striker Patrick Williams had dislocated his left wrist. Williams, 20, will have surgery that is said to end his regular season.

It’s a blow to the Bulls, who have been a force in the Eastern Conference, as they try to get past the Knicks.

Robinson received criticism on social media for a sloppy play. With a baseline to lead Williams, Robinson came in to block his lead attempt. Robinson did not approach and faced Williams. Williams stumbled and landed on his wrist.

In the ’90s, it was nothing more than a cruel foul on an attacking player. Nowadays, it’s blatant, with some feeling that Robinson, rated as a blatant 1, should be discontinued.

The counterargument is that Williams’ injury is the price you pay when you hit the edge, and Robinson will always be there.

“I’ve been reading things,” Robinson said. “I’m like, some people make it seem like it’s not. That’s what they’re going to do. So, what can you do about it?”

When asked if he feels bad about Williams, who has been an unknown key piece for the bulls’ rookie team, Robinson said: “Yes it is. I got myself down. I know the pain. I know who it is. I feel what they feel. feeling in the world.”

In fact, Robinson isn’t satisfied until he returns to New Orleans, where he’s fully rehabilitated after missing a large part of last season — first with a broken hand, then a broken foot.

“It’s amazing playing at home in front of friends and family,” said Robinson, who grew up near town. “It is my home. Nothing is better than home.”

Mitchell Robinson challenges a Bulls shot from Zach Lavigne.
Mitchell Robinson challenges a Bulls shot from Zach Lavigne.
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New Orleans could become a future destination for Robinson if he becomes an unrestricted free agent. Robinson said the contract extension isn’t close to fragmentation.

“The season has just started,” Robinson said. “I’m not worried about that if I stay healthy and keep playing hard. ”

The Knicks were expected to finally come out of reserve position Nirlance Noel in Saturday’s game, but he is still ruled out.

Future insurance Should Robinson walk away, Noel missed pre-season and now the first six games of the regular season with an injury the team vaguely calls painful knee. In his last interview, Noel said it was also a hamstring injury.

Coach Tom Tebodeau said Noel was ready to play in the pre-season final, but had a setback. Noel remained in relatively good health last season in his contract year. He is now in a new 3-year agreement worth $32 million.

Knicks is lucky that Robinson stayed right, though he survived two fears that left him limp. In Chicago, Robinson was on deck in palpable pain after making a poor move in defense and splitting his boots.

Robinson revealed that he has extra material in the shoe to protect his weak foot.

“My feet are fine,” Robinsons said. “I just broke my shoes. This is the third pair that has done it. This is because I am coming back from an injury to my foot. I have special things in my shoes. It was just a cut.”

Robinson says the extra weight gain is already helping his defense in a low position against the big positions, like 76ers’ Joel Embiid and Bulls’ Nikola Vucevic.

“I feel like my weight has helped tremendously,” Robinson said. ‘The last two years they would have hit me I would have jumped three feet away. Now it’s different. I don’t really eavesdrop like that.’


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