Shanghai influencers pose at Costco, pretending to be in Los Angeles

Chinese netizens tap into their nostalgia for international travel in a twisted and innovative way: they stand in front of the only Costco store in China as if they were in sunny Los Angeles.

On Chinese social media and e-commerce app Xiaohongshu, otherwise known as “China’s Instagram Reply,” dozens of luxuriously dressed young men and women have turned the Warehouse Club of America into their inspiration. Dozens of posts commented,Pretending to be in Los AngelesOften decorated with an American flag emoji, it shows people squatting in shopping carts or lounging on the lawn, surrounded by a clear blue sky and the bold and red Warehouse Club crest.

Several users made props from the bulk merchandise in the store, and remixed their photos with pizza boxes and blue soda cups.

As the rest of the world eases travel restrictions, China has continued to enforce one of the toughest border control regimes since the pandemic began. Due to few and expensive departing flights, strict quarantine rules and limited visa processing, most Chinese nationals have not been able to travel abroad in the past two years.

“In the afternoon, Costco in Shanghai makes you feel like you’re in LA,” said part of this social media post.BLANCHE via Instagram

So, the flood of Costco-related content appears to be the product of a wanderlust, stemming from young people’s craving for immersion in foreign cultures. It also reflects a long time in Chinese consumers waningand enthusiasm for American brands and products.

When Costco opened its Shanghai location in 2019, more than 200,000 people signed up for membership. The opening day attracted so many shoppers that the store It had to be closed In a few hours. The chain is preparing to open a second store next month in the southern city of Suzhou.

Some publications offer detailed advice on how to capture the Southern California aesthetic.

“The parking lot garden next to the Costco entrance gives people a feel of the West Coast, like you’re in LA. Friends, if you want to pretend like you’re in LA, pick a day with good weather and check in outside!” Read some of this caption.missmistake via Instagram

“The parking lot garden near the Costco entrance looks like a scene of the West Coast,” One user wrote. “Makes you feel like you’re in Los Angeles”

else books: “If you are children who also want to take such pictures, I suggest you get here around 4 pm, when the light is good, and remember to wear brighter colours!”

Emerging influencers, some of whom have up to a quarter of a million followers, see the potential to make a profit by promoting the big box store to their base.

“The products inside really are a bargain!” single user exclaim. “I can only pack two carts full of fruits, snacks, necessities, cosmetics, and electrical appliances. Everything you need is right there.”

“Those who wish to purchase items from stores can download the Costco app in advance to apply for a membership card,” on the other hand. advised.

Other posts feature the hashtag “OOTD,” which stands for “wear of the day,” along with references to luxury brands such as Ray-Ban, Chanel and Gucci.

One user, wearing a tight white shirt and black pants, announce: “This is the style I especially love to wear in America. It will never expire.”

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