Terry McAuliffe’s free fall in Virginia was a mess of his own making

Things are bad for President Biden these days, but he can take solace in one thing: At least he’s not Terry McAuliffe.

The ex-governor of Virginia who is running to lead the Commonwealth again is getting his face transplanted just days before the election. Even gravity can’t keep up with the speed with which he is falling in the polls to Republican Glenn Yongkin. But this disaster is McAuliffe’s own making.

Recently, Georgia non-governor Stacy Abrams rushed to campaign McAuliffe, confirming her ridiculous claims that her race to the highest office in the Peach State had been stolen from her. amazing thing. In the age of the “Big Lie” of 2020, Democrats gave credence to Abrams’ conspiracy theory about stealing her election without shying away from their hypocrisy.

It was then revealed that McAuliffe had hired Mark Elias, Hillary Clinton’s disgraced attorney, despite special counsel John Durham’s accusing Elias of pushing the Russian “collusion” lie to the FBI.

Elias specialty? Difficult election results. A move so embarrassing that McAuliffe sent an email trying to “kill this story” — and sent it to a Fox News reporter by accident.

Not exactly the first team there.

Vice President Kamala Harris waves to the crowds as she and former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe greet supporters during a rally in Norfolk, Virginia, Friday, October 29, 2021.
Vice President Kamala Harris waves to the crowd as she and Terry McAuliffe greet supporters during a rally in Norfolk, Virginia on October 29, 2021.
Steve Helper/AFP

Meanwhile, McAuliffe appears to be working on a platform to deny parents the right to educate their children. In a debate last month, he said parents should not be involved in how their children are educated. In the following weeks, his friends in the media give him ample opportunity to undo it, but he continues to search.

Now, the former, and less likely to become the new governor of Virginia, says his opponent and his parents who criticize critical race theory in kindergarten are whistling racist doggies. A Fox News survey found that Youngkin’s one-point advantage in education has now jumped to 12.

McAuliffe believes that Virginia has bought into the entire left-leaning Democrats’ agenda. And they didn’t.

One should always be careful to declare statewide elections a leader for the nation, but that’s hard to avoid in a state where Biden won by 10 points — but that now looks set to shut the door on Democrats and their very progressive agenda for just one year. Later.

McAuliffe could have run as a human being, not as a repository of Democratic Party dogma, but he made his choice.

As Biden’s agenda burns and Virginians wake up to a frenzy in their schools, Terry has a problem. It is now losing badly and there is no obvious way to fix it.

A family participates in a Catholic-sponsored rally to vote and fight for schools, in Leesburg, Virginia.
A family participates in a Catholic-sponsored rally to vote and fight for schools, in Leesburg, Virginia.
Clive Owen/AFP

These days, every member of the swing state’s GOP House checks themselves in the mirror wearing a Youngkin-style cardigan, as the soft exterior seems to be the way. That remains to be a sight.

What we see is that Terry McAuliffe’s campaign for social supremacy for right thinking is crumbling. It turns out that Virginians know their mind. They want some to say in their children’s schools. They want reasonable judgment. They do not want a strong and useful government. And if the polls are to be believed, they don’t want Terry McAuliffe.


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