The journalist claimed that Bruce Willis made her wait 9 days for an interview

Certainly not a good look for Mr. “Die Hard” himself.

A reporter claimed that Bruce Willis made her wait nine days for an interview in 1996. The reporter also claimed that the 66-year-old actor did not even inform the waiting staff at the restaurant where they went for the interview.

In the last episode of iHeartRadio’s new original podcast, “Haileywood,” Talk to host Dana Schwartz Writer Martha Frankel, who revealed her bad experience with the “Expendables” star 25 years ago.

Frankel received an assignment to interview Willis for the location movelin In London at the time. She described the experience on the podcast as a “nightmare”.

Frankel revealed that Willis agreed to speak with her nine days later. Instead of meeting in London, the “Die Hard” star wanted to see her in a town called Windsor, an area about 30 miles west of London.

She added that she tried to allay Willis’ concern about the interview by suggesting a poker meeting with his management team. However, he wanted “no part of” any of the methods Frankl tried to use to make him feel more secure.

Frankel explained, “He didn’t really want to talk about anything. It was just a drag and it wasn’t fun and it wasn’t funny. And I know it’s all that stuff. I’ve seen him in action. I know it can be.”

She then revealed that Willis had made the restaurant where they ate during the interview closed “so that no one would come in and get his autograph”. The father of five then did not tip the waitress at the end of their lunch.

Bruce Willis
Frankel explained, “It was just a drag and it wasn’t fun and it wasn’t funny.”
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“And then he didn’t throw $300 on the table to the waiter, so I did,” she said. She tells Schwartz, “I want the rich to be more generous than not to be rich. But do you know what’s best? He walked in and out of this hotel and no one said a word to him, no one recognized him.”

This isn’t the first time a reporter has found Willis to be rude during an interview. he is sit down to chat With British Magic 105.4 member Jamie Edwards in 2013 to promote his movie “Reds 2” with co-star Mary Louise Parker.

Edwards called the conversation “the most embarrassing interview ever” after claiming that the German-born actor “can hardly keep his mind” about it.

Edwards tried to be nice and approach Willis to keep the conversation going smoothly, but the star seemed bored and uninterested in the five-minute talk.


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