The Northern Lights could put a weekend parade into Halloween for many in the US

Many Americans looking up at the sky this Halloween weekend can enjoy it.

Officials said Friday that the northern lights will likely be visible over Washington state, the far northeast and the upper Midwest thanks to the solar flare and “coronal mass ejection.”

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released the G3 – or strobe – “Geomagnetic Storm Watch” for Saturday and Sunday.

The agency’s Space Weather Prediction Center She said The coronal mass ejection is expected to reach Earth on Saturday, and the effects are likely to continue into Sunday.

Meteorologists seem to cut their fingers in search of a clear sky.

Expected conditions in Seattle Saturday night was called “optimal” to see the lights. A lot of MontanaAlso, it was expected to be Clear. Forecasters in Gaylord, MichiganThere will be rain Friday night, he said, but the next night there is a chance to see them.

Milwaukee National Weather Service Climate forecast A ‘potential ghostly green glow’ can be seen as early as 5pm (although the best chance would be later that evening). Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota Can you see the clouds. Even Houston was talking about the northern lights – but the warning was for those “heading north”.

The aurora borealisKnown as the “Northern Lights” in the Northern Hemisphere, it is created when charged particles from the Sun interact with the Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere. The aurora borealis is located above the North Pole, while the aurora borealis is located above the south.

About three weeks ago, the northern lights were visible in Minnesota, Alaska and Washington, and in parts of Canada due to a G2, or moderate event.

The Space Weather Prediction Center said this weekend’s event is not expected to cause technological disruption.

The center said the coronal mass ejection occurred Thursday at about 11:30 a.m. ET, leaving the sun at about 604 miles per second. NASA said it was a “Glow X1” model and a solar dynamics observatory take a picture from the bright flash.

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