Top 5 Trello power-ups to maximize your team collaboration

Trello is a free yet powerful project management app. It is widely used across industries and allows countless teams to run smoothly.

However, the Trello is just one gear in the productivity machine. To make the work even smoother, the team behind Trello made Power-Ups. These are additional features and third-party integrations that you can use to simplify and automate your operations.

So, if you want to make your Trello boards more efficient and better integrate with your other tools, take a look at the five best Trello Power-Ups to increase your team collaboration.

Trello التصويت Voting Boost Page

Sometimes, when making a group decision, you have to select a meeting or ask your colleagues individually just to get everyone’s opinion. However, this is time consuming, and you won’t get results right away. So instead of using external tools to create a poll, use the power of voting directly on the Trello board.

This simple little one adds a file vote on the sidebar of the card. Although it does not offer any other advanced functionality, this little tool can help you in making decisions. For example, if you are choosing between three final product designs, you can create a product design survey List, upload each selected idea to its own card, and ask everyone to decide what they like the most.

You can see the number of votes right in the card preview, next to File Like the symbol. And if you want to follow up with voters about why they chose this product, you’ll know who to send it to by clicking sounds Badge on the card and see the list of voters.

Access the Miro board directly on Trello

If you need to brainstorm with your team, but are all working remotely, it would be helpful to have a virtual whiteboard platform like Miro. However, it is nice to have instant access to your original idea board when the time comes to implement your idea.

So instead of going back and forth between Miro and Trello, you can instead use Miro Power-Up to link your virtual whiteboard directly to your project management tool. Once the applet is installed, you can then proceed to any card, and under the Power-Ups menu in the sidebar, click Miro to embed whatever virtual whiteboard you have.

With the whiteboard now available on the card, you can directly access any ideas you’ve created without leaving Trello. You can also edit and manipulate the whiteboard in the window that will start, allowing you to quickly document brainstorming activity and assign tasks as needed.

Start a virtual office video call right from the spot on Trello

Remote teams can be more productive if they see each other during meetings. It also gives a sense of teamwork, especially at this age where you may not even get a chance to meet the people you work with physically.

However, one of the challenges of video conferencing is that there are one million video conferencing apps out there, and some of them require third-party apps. So, to make meetings smoother, why not launch it directly from Trello?

With Whereby Power-Up, you can video conferencing directly on the app – no need to open other programs. You can even set the applet to open automatically, allowing any board member to access Trello to instantly connect to your video call and turn your Trello board into a virtual office.

Lead and Sales model implemented on Trello board by Crmble

Sales are the lifeblood of any business, and to help you effectively leverage your leads and data, Crmble Power-Up turns your Trello board into a powerful CRM and management tool.

This applet is more than just a customer tracking tool. You can also get insights and even directly find potential client contacts in Power-Up. Moreover, this Power-Up feature allows you to add more integrations. For example, you can send an email directly from your Trello Cards by adding Gmail topping.

You can even automate lead entry by integrating Typeform, Google Forms, and Facebook Leads into the applet. It is also compatible with Zapier integration for more powerful functionality.

And if you want to use this tool for other departments of your company, you can do so easily with its handy templates. You can also use this power for customer support, recruiting and hiring, order management, and even as a teacher tracker.

Receive and send emails directly on Trello boards

As much as you love doing everything on Trello, most of the world still uses emails for communications. So to make sure whatever comes into your inbox catches the eye, you can use the Trello Power-Up email, generated by SendBoard, to automatically create a card for each new message that arrives.

For example, if you have a shared customer service mailbox, you can link this to your Trello account to ensure each new issue or issue is documented on the customer support panel. And if you need to get more details, you can reply to email directly from Trello – no more switching between apps and losing focus.

Once you have everything you need to work on this issue, you can manage everything on your Trello board, ensuring that tasks are done efficiently. This Power-Up feature also works with files Trello automation, so once you solve the problem and set the card as you did, you can use this applet to automatically send an email to inform your customer of the good news.

It’s Trello’s simplicity and flexibility that makes it powerful. The fact that it is free to use, has loads of integrations, and is highly customizable to suit any business, project or workflow makes it popular among thousands of companies.

And when you add all those power units that integrate Trello into whatever other systems you use, you turn this project management tool into a comprehensive application that you can use to manage your business.

So whether you use Trello for lead generation, sales, marketing, customer service, customer approvals, or even as your personal workspace, you’ll find a Power-Up that perfectly fits your needs. And in case you want something more specific, you can build one yourself.

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