Top 9 Online API Testing Tools

Whether you want to test API functionality, evaluate runtime behavior, or verify its security, automated API testing tools allow you to maneuver the technicalities without writing tedious code. It can come in handy if you are not a programmer but would like to test the API before recommending it to your programming team.

Below is a list of some of the best API testing tools available.

Postman API Test Interface

Postman combines the speed of light and outstanding synchronization performance with the behavior of API requests. Lets you edit and customize request headers, manage SSL and domain-specific cookies.

It features a simple and elegant user interface and experience, and allows you to easily debug and display response information in a graphically attractive environment. However, you can also create reusable request source code in different programming languages.

In addition to having a GraphQL data loader, Postman has the ability to query APIs built using SOAP or REST architecture. And by using versatile API schemas such as RAML, WADL, and OpenAPI, you can view in-depth information about the architecture of the API.

Advanced Rest Client Test Interface

Advanced REST Client is a simple open source API testing tool. You can use it as a plugin for Chrome or download and install the desktop version.

When you install the Chrome plug-in, it automatically installs a virtual desktop application that is not installed directly on your computer. The plugin version has some limitations, though.

But you can access more features when you download and install the desktop app directly from their website. In addition to the easy-to-use user interface, you can set up custom demand environment variables on the desktop application. In addition, it gives you access to test code snippets in different programming languages.

While you can view the response time, the app does not yet include GraphQL capabilities or the buffer protocol. Therefore, you cannot view advanced API performance charts with the application.

RapidAPI Test API

RapidAPI is a versatile web-based API manager that provides a responsive API testing tool designed for developers and non-programmers. Thus, it features code-based, automated, and GUI-testing API options.

It has a dynamic and comprehensive testing environment that allows you to evaluate standard API metrics such as security, performance, functionality, and more, so you may not have to worry about using other tools with it.

RapidAPI supports evaluation of SOAP, REST, and GraphQL based APIs. Featuring detailed analytics, you can track information about failed and passed tests and log comprehensive execution reports during the test.

REQBIN API test interface

Here is another free web based API test tool with simple user interface. In addition to providing test logs and response time, it features an API debugger. This comes at a price, though.

REQBIN also features support for SOAP and REST-based APIs, and you can generate automated code to test your APIs in various programming languages, including PHP, Python, Java, and C#.

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In addition to providing a pregnancy test tool, the application allows you to compare response time between geographical regions. So, while you can debug or evaluate errors in the API, it’s a good option for testing region-specific APIs.

ReadyAPI . desktop application interface

ReadyAPI is SmartBear’s microservice and API testing tool. It contains an enabling environment for complex validation of APIs built around multiple architecture frameworks, including REST, SOAP, and GraphQL.

It’s easy to integrate ReadyAPI into your application product line, so it’s a valuable tool to consider if you’re running a DevOps-based ecosystem.

Although it performs full and refurbished quality checks, considering the cost after a 30-day free trial, ReadyAPI may not be a suitable option for individuals or small businesses in the long run.

However, the app clearly defines the performance, security, and load tests sections. The user interface can be a bit clumsy and complicated. But you’ll find navigating around it easy within a short period of use.

API Swagger Inspector test interface

Swagger Inspector is a simple and shallow API tester. It is another solution from SmartBear.

Swagger Inspector features a simple user interface and an experience that adapts to the response time of the API, so you can evaluate its speed in real time.

Although the web app allows you to run tests across multiple API builds, it doesn’t provide as much functionality as other standard testers. Thus, while you can test some metrics like security, you may not validate advanced charts like detailed performance logs.

Although, it is worth trying if your test is a simple test that does not involve evaluation of extensive details other than response status and response data validation.

Bao's home page

Paw is a solid API testing tool definitively designed for Mac users. While this is a valuable tool, its obvious limitation is that it is not cross-platform.

In addition to its visually appealing user interface, Paw is a full-featured tool that gives you access to many standard testing features, including functional checks, performance evaluation, security checks, and more when you purchase the app for $49.99.

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If you’re building the API from scratch, it’s easy to integrate the Paw Test Tool into your development pipeline. Although it is only available on a monthly subscription basis, you can share test updates with team members as you scale your API.

Fiddler API test interface

Fiddler is more than just an API testing tool. It offers a wide range of features for debugging and testing web requests and API calls.

While the tool is quite versatile, you can access its API Test feature in the Fiddler Everywhere plan. Although it can be a bit creepy, it features syncing and real-time traffic monitoring of HTTPS requests made to your browsers. This does not appear to be an essential feature during API testing.

However, the app features advanced API testing capabilities to assess security, speed, performance, and structural functionality. You can share test updates across teams and create automated API tests for APIs within APIs.

While you may find it a little expensive, the $10 monthly subscription is worth an investment considering its features.

Verifiable API test reporting interface

Despite its versatility and value, Assertible comes as a free web-based API testing tool. Thus, you can start testing APIs right away without having to download and install separate desktop applications.

Although it is last on the list, this in no way makes it at the bottom of the list of best API testing tools. With a web application dashboard, you can visually monitor passed and failed tests.

In addition, you can create assertions, define order variables, and disassemble existing orders. Assertible also allows you to schedule your API test if you wish. It is an excellent tool for automating tests as the API expands on features.

Ultimately, with its ability to sync with mail apps and default communication tools like Slack and PagerDuty, you can choose to receive notifications of failed tests.

Automate API tests without writing code

API testing can be time consuming while choosing a third party API or writing your own API from scratch. With out-of-the-box testing tools, you can quickly scan the API for anomalies before integration rather than writing separate scripts for evaluation.

However, the apps in this list are all API testing tools that ensure you don’t get your hands dirty with the code. In addition, they offer a quick assessment to test basic aspects of the API.

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