Tottenham’s WIN reaction, Solskjaer’s pressure waned, Rodgers preferred to coach position, most recently Ronaldo

CRIS-IS . Plan

Cristiano Ronaldo looked like a “little kid” against Liverpool and Spurs’ squad changed to suit him, according to Sky Sports analyst Gary Neville.

Manchester United moved from 4-3-2-1 to 5-3-2 in their tough match against Tottenham, losing 3-0 in a convincing win.

The Old Trafford legend said: “There is no doubt that this is not Ole’s plan. Leaving Sancho, Rashford and Greenwood on the bench is not the plan.

“That wasn’t the plan in hiring, and that wasn’t Ole’s plan he thought he was going to play. He’s played 4-2-3-1 in the last 37 games. That’s not his plan to go 5-3-2.

“But changing the system, it seemed to suit Cristiano Ronaldo. It took the pressure off him from a defensive point of view.

“When I saw him up front against Liverpool last week, or against Leicester alone, he looked like a little kid.

“But today was the perfect fit for him to play in those moments. Today was a good day for him, not just for the goal, but because he looked like he played in a team he was a part of.

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