9 Best Agile Productivity Tools for Remote and Hybrid Teams

Teams that follow an agile approach to their workflow need specialized project management applications. Although there is no shortage of project management tools in the market, not all applications can meet the requirements of the agile team.

Hence, you need to know the right productivity tools for remote and hybrid agile teams.

Image showing the iceScrum dashboard on its website


iceScrum is an open source project management tool that any agile team can adapt. It allows you to create a powerful visual representation of your product’s features and requirements. You can also use it to connect development and operational teams by involving them in an agile team that constantly adds value to the product.

Use it to predict task progress to complete tasks well before the deadline. With this tool, you can identify user stories, prioritize tasks, estimate complexity, and predict milestones. You can integrate this app with more than 40 tools, including GitHub, JIRA, Google Drive, Slack, Jenkins, Zapier, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Discord, and Zoom.

A visual demonstration of Axosoft's user interfaces


Axosoft is a scrum tool suitable for small teams and large organizations that follow agile software development. With it, managing your races and workflow becomes easy. You can use his Kanban board to plan missions for a quick race.

Its release planner feature displays user stories, tasks, and errors in a portfolio through a tabular view. Moreover, you can check the remaining works of the project using the copy scheme data. Use the customer portal to receive feedback from your customers.

Here are the additional features that make agile project management seamless:

  • Daily scrum mode

  • Estimating time

  • stack order

  • case tracking

  • bug tracking

  • Project Wiki

Image of the agile project management tool Assembla


Assembla is a software development tool that provides top-notch security via Assembla SecureGit. This tool protects your project data by implementing data encryption codes and storing project data in different locations. This platform is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

With this tool, you can simultaneously work on multiple projects using methods such as Gantt, Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe. It also offers the ability to update ticket status directly from Git, Subversion, and Perforce in real time.

This multi-repository platform allows you to view tasks via Cardwalls, ticket views, and task boards. It also allows you to filter tasks by criteria such as status, assignments, and due dates.

Image of Tracker's features page

coaxial tracking

If you work for a modern agile software company, Tracker is the right project management tool for you. With it, you can create tasks from user stories. Moreover, it offers features like user story planning and automatic layout. It also displays the number of tasks the team completes per day.

In this app, team members can give scrum points for each task to rank tasks based on complexity. Then, it becomes easy for you to prioritize and assign a task. The tool also calculates your team’s speed and encourages them to work with consistency.

Conceptualizing a teamwork site

work as one team

Looking for an agile project management app with a simplified user interface (UI?) Try Teamwork. Its simple interface and easy setup approach suits teams new to flexibility.

With its Basecamp import tool, you can switch to this app from other tools by migrating your stories and tasks. Contains a kanban task board to categorize tasks. You can assign a separate color to each category for better visualization.

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It is very easy to add cards to the board and assign teammates to these cards. While starting a project, you can use this tool’s to-do list templates to save time and effort.

View your Scrumwise dashboard


Scrumwise is a particularly useful tool for teams implementing the Scrum method for agile project management. Its intuitive interface ensures that you do not get lost in the complexity of the application and keep your focus on your scrum project.

Besides quickly creating and managing cumulative items, you can sort them into lists. With tags and filters, you can also access the items in no time. It also allows you to plan sprints and launches with burnout charts.

Some other useful features of this tool are Kanban board, original billing time tracking, real-time updates on scrum boards, etc.

A visual of the VersionOne agile project management tool

first edition

VersionOne is the app for tech-savvy professionals who are part of an agile team. Even if you are working on several projects at once, you can use this tool to brainstorm, assign tasks, and track progress on all projects separately.

Monitoring versions and product iterations becomes seamless with this platform. It can also organize user stories, prioritize backlogs, create stop charts, and create roadmaps via the Gantt chart. Provides appropriate metrics and analytics for agile teams across the enterprise.

Additional notable features are rapid portfolio planning, test case management, portfolio, team kanban, flaw tracking, and executive dashboards.

VivifyScrum is the software that agile teams can use to manage projects, think through, track tasks, prepare invoices, and send them to clients. Every project you add to this platform is available to view as a Kanban or Scrum board.

Here, you can customize your project board by grouping tasks, manage permission to access the board, filter tasks, assign people to each task, etc. In addition to starting a panel from scratch, you can also import backup data from apps like Pivotal and Trello.

Features such as product backlog, downtime chart, and sprints allow you to easily track a project. You can better manage your team with its reporting and analytics features.

Ravetree is an app that works well for both agile companies and software development teams. From resource planning to time and expense tracking – use it for all phases of quick project management.

With its features like file sharing and commenting, this app is ideal for communicating and collaborating on agile projects. Provides valuable insights to team leaders and managers by reporting on stoppage schemes and members pacing.

Apart from the above features, this tool also allows you to create Kanban boards, customize workflow, plan races, control user stories, organize tasks by hierarchy, set work in progress boundaries and priorities, etc.

Agile project management made easy

Only by choosing the best agile project management tool for your team can you adopt a true agile workflow for your projects. Now that you know the salient features of the best agile productivity apps out there, picking one for your team becomes easy.

In addition to an agile productivity tool, you may also want to check out the basics of agile project management.

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