A warrior security guard is living wild dreams with the G-League experience

SAN FRANCISCO – Security guard Jonathan Amy Jr. regularly drives Golden State Warriors players into their garage before games with a friendly salute, high five or wave. He greets them and offers good night afterwards.

Last month, the 26-year-old got a rare opportunity that will surely last him a lifetime: he experimented with the G-League Warriors through a workout at the Golden State training facility.

Fortunately for him, Stephen Curry gave some timely advice about his jump shot.

“He’s a consistent figure when you walk out of the building,” Curry said after warming up to face Thunder on Saturday night. “He talks about how encouraging, motivating and uniting basketball is for him to go out there, get out to try. He said his jersey needs some improvement. He is a bit critical of himself but we gave him the confidence to keep trying and keep his position high. I like the fact that he put himself out there because it’s not important Easy. So, yell at Jonathan.”

Amy felt like a warrior, albeit for a day — “Yeah, basically,” he said with a smile.

Warriors security guard Jonathan Amy Jr.
Warriors security guard Jonathan Amy Jr.

“I just felt like I got my shirt on and everything,” he said, noting that his last regular basketball was playing at a collegiate level at Cal State East Bay.

Carrie couldn’t see him. The players had already left the team headquarters, and Amy showed off his skills to a few coaches on a day when Golden State did not conduct formal training.

But Carrie and others in the Warriors admire Amy’s courage to move forward. Curry let his teammates like Kevin Looney know about Amy’s accomplishment.

“He’s a great guy. His attitude and positivity every day when we come to the ring, whether it’s early or later in the day, he always has a lot of energy to be around,” Andrew Wiggins said. He’s happy, so I’m happy he’s happy.”

He immediately told Amy that he hadn’t made the cut, but Amy had a blast nonetheless.

“The experience was enough,” Amy said Saturday afternoon among moving cars as she entered Chase Center hours before the alarm.

Coach Steve Kerr wasn’t aware of the experience, but he plans to have a nice chat with Amy about it soon.

“I have no idea. It’s great. I’ve known Jonathan for a few years. He’s been here, great kid,” Kerr said. It is amazing. I have to ask him about it. Good for him, just to fulfill a dream and go for it. I love it, that’s great. ”

Amy, who informally lists himself at 6 feet 1 1/2, was in full uniform and wore the No. 7 for the September 25 exercise.

He said, “It was just a great experience to be able to play at a professional level, and also to be able to get the chance to do something that most people wish they had the chance to do. I didn’t think I would get a chance so I just felt like, ‘Hello! If the offer is there, go ahead.”

Looney loves this spirit.

“I know he didn’t make the team, but he went in there and tried, that’s all you could ask for,” said Looney.


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