Bill will win the most against the dolphins

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Bills (-14) above the dolphins

These enemies in East Asia are well aware of each other. The Bills closed out the Dolphins, 35-0, in Miami in Week 2. Buffalo come out of the loss at Tennessee.

This is followed by two more points (visits to Jaguars and Jets). Josh Allen and The Bills have the power to make this happen.

Bengals (-10.5) on jet aircraft

It’s Cincinnati’s third consecutive game in the opening inning of the season — which may be the only thing holding that power back, in the wake of massive defeats in Detroit and Baltimore. The schedule gets noticeably tougher in no time, but the running game is setting up QB Joe Burrow’s throws.

Josh Allen
Josh Allen

Colts (+1.5) on Titans

Not discerning the strong percentage advantage here, in the market. However, we may take a look at Indianapolis, with a list that appears to contain significant upside potential. The Titans have liked it lately, but are reluctant to walk away.

Rams (-14.5) over Texans

Schedule conditions broadly favor talented affluent visitors, especially from their uncovered cruise over lions last week on the Left Coast. This is followed by the Greater Games (Tennessee, in San Francisco, in Green Bay).

Steelers (+3.5) on Browns

Team Mike Tomlin bid his farewell driving into this traditional helmet, garnering a batch of refreshments in the wake of a pair of homecoming wins. Of course, the Steelers beat Buffalo in the opening game, beating Denver and Seattle, which led to this. The Browns are capable if Baker Mayfield can go, but the Steelers can still press the right buttons.

Black (+3.5) above the Eagles

The Eagles continue to hobble themselves with slow, brutal starts, frustrating many fans with their downfall in the first half. We usually look to coach individuals for answers before blaming individual players. We haven’t used the losing Lions often this season, but we’re looking that way here.

Jared Goff
Jared Goff
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49ers (-4) MORE THAN BEARS

San Francisco has a sneak peek into hosting the Cardinals in the aftermath of this, so there are potential psychological hazards in play – but the Niners have played with focus and excellence on the road all season, so don’t expect any mistakes. Rookie Bears QB Justin Fields has great potential, but he needs help. Bears coach Matt Nagy is expected to be absent, and remains in quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19.

Falcons (-3) above the leopards

Satanic practice at NFC South in the Indian summer of QB Matt Ryan’s career. You still have no reason to expect an immediate return to RB Christian McCaffrey urgently for the foreseeable future – leaving Ryan shooting several precision arrows into the field.

Chargers (-4) more than Patriot missiles

Many league watchers are aware that New Englanders will likely react unfavorably after finding things too easy when they face the Jets at Foxboro. The Braggers took the worst of it off when they were in Baltimore before saying goodbye, but they may find Bates’ choices easier when they visit California. Pats QB Mac Jones has lessons for you to learn.

Jaguar (+3.5) over SEAHAWKS

A tough call, given that Russell Wilson has been in a dry dock in the Pacific Northwest for a while. It’s hard to trust Gnu Smith in a more triple setting, although he should collect more points than usual against Jags.

Broncos (-3) over Washington

Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t need to be one of the ever QB greats to rule him over a mediocre defense like the current version that is the nation’s capital. Expect Teddy B to exceed a modest number against the questionable visitor number Dr.

Saint (+4.5) on Pirates

It doesn’t necessarily call for a straight win, but expect that to be competitive, given the Bucs’ significant defensive injuries – and the Saints’ apparent abilities on their better days.

Vikings (+2.5) on Cowboys

The obvious Sunday night is now swamped with questions about ability that include the condition of Dallas Marvel’s Duck Prescott’s non-thrown shoulder. The Vikings could be pretty tough here if Prescott was less than at his best.


Giants (+10) above heads

He once again confirmed that this is Big Blue’s preferred role in her current form, leading to her relatively strong defense. It would be foolish to abbreviate KC so aggressively, but as long as visitors stay away from offensive blunders, this could be soon.


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