How to trick-or-treat in “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” for Halloween

Animal Crossing event on Halloween

The scariest time of the year for us. On Halloween night, the islanders will gather in the town square for a Trick-or-Treating! Jack also appears, and by giving him the candy you collected during October, you can earn scary rewards.

How to start a Halloween event

On October 31, after 5 p.m. to midnight (local time), the people of your island will gather in the plaza in their costumes, and the plaza will be decorated with an array of Halloween decorations. You will also receive a visit from a mysterious guest: Jack, the “Halloween Caesar”.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Jack Isabel Halloween

Jack will be in the town square in front of Resident Services. By giving Jack Candy and Lollipops, you will earn scary rewards in the game. Make sure to provide some candy to your islanders as well, or else you might get scammed!

Where do you buy candy?

If you miss buying candy during October, travel back in time to earlier in the month to buy candy at Timmy and Tommy’s Nook Shop. Candy is available through October and limited to one purchase per day.

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You can also get candy just by dressing up on Halloween night, talk to fellow islanders when they’re indoors between 5:00 pm and midnight, and get a free candy bar for each neighbor.

Animals cross new horizons candy residents

If you receive a Jack’s Face and Jack’s Robe mask, wear it and get close to your islanders – they’ll be afraid to give you one candy! This can only happen once. Then, they will get to know who you are and won’t be fooled again.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Jack Suit

You can get Jack’s face mask and Jack’s robe items from Jack himself. Jack will hand over his mask when you give him the first candy, and if you give him a second candy, he’ll hand over his robe.

How to Find Lollipops for Jack

Lollipops are one-of-a-kind candy that can be used for exclusive Halloween-themed rewards from Jack, the Halloween Czar. The best way for players to get lollipops is to serve candy to your islanders during a Halloween event on October 31st.

Islanders who are out on Halloween night between 5:00 pm and midnight (local time) will ask for the candy, and you can get an item in return if you fulfill their request.

Lollipops cross new horizons

Although the item will be a Halloween theme, it’s not guaranteed to be a lollipop, and can instead be a DIY recipe for a new Halloween item, Halloween furniture, or pumpkins. You can also receive two new interactions from this event – Haunt and Scare.

Animals crossing new horizons chase reaction

You should be sure to have quite a few candies saved, as it can take several attempts to get a lollipop from an islander.

Trick or treat jack

Popsicles are Jack’s favorite method. By giving Jack two lollipops, he’ll first reward you with a replica of his costume, and then he’ll start asking for lollipops in exchange for some unique and exclusive rewards.

Animal crosses new horizons spooky stick

When you give Jack a lollipop, he’ll reward you with exclusive DIY recipes for Halloween-themed items. In total, you will need three lollipops in order to get the three unique recipes. You will receive the following Halloween-themed DIY recipes:

  • Lollipop 1: scary buggy
  • Lollipop 2: The Frightful Transport Recipe
  • Popsicle 3: The scary wand

These special DIY recipes are only available during the Halloween event, and Jack is only visiting your island for the Halloween event on October 31 from 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM, so be sure to make the most of this visit. happy Halloween!

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