It’s a week weak for old Joe Biden: Goodwin

Another week, another series of fumbling, mumbling and catastrophe. How far can Joe Biden go?

Once again, the common theme was vulnerability. Inside and out, the chair shrinks before our eyes.

The dwindling commander-in-chief visited his party’s members of Congress on Thursday and turned it into an appeal to them to save bacon.

He admitted to Democrats: “The majority of the House and Senate and my presidency will be determined by what happens next week.”

It was an unusual moment for a president, the ostensible leader of his party, but in reality this president is a beggar. His focus has been on the fate of two massive pieces of legislation, worth a combined $3 trillion, even though the largest of them has yet to be written and key issues, including which taxes would be raised, remain hotly disputed.

However, with his low approval of his job and his need for anything he could call a victory, especially at the climate summit in Scotland, the president was desperate for signs of progress. Even just promising that both projects would eventually be approved, he could have boasted.

Instead, he got the hand of Senator Bernie Sanders.

After Biden’s closed-door meeting and a public statement trying to portray progress by citing a simple “framework” for social spending, which includes $550 billion in climate projects, the real power emerged from the shadows. Sanders, a Vermont socialist, flatly rejected the president’s request to pass a separate infrastructure agreement first and urged fellow House travelers to say no, which they promptly did.

So the man who is supposed to be the leader of the free world can’t even lead his party, which means that Biden headed to Europe carrying nothing but embarrassment.

On Friday in Rome, he was again the attorney general, this time seeking pardon from French President Emmanuel Macron after severing ties over a nuclear submarine deal under which Australia reneged on a deal with France and switched to a deal with France. United States and Great Britain.

French President Emmanuel Macron
President Joe Biden’s clumsy behavior damaged America’s relationship with France and its president, Emmanuel Macron, after the failed submarine deal.
rally via Reuters

The deal angered France and hurt Macron politically just months before the April elections. The video clip showed Biden like a shy and berated child as he described events around the Australian deal as “clumsy” and admitted he was unaware of the speed when the deal was announced.

So, if the president isn’t willing to rush into major events involving key allies, who is willing to speed, and more importantly, who makes the decisions?

Weakness here, weakness there, weakness everywhere. Even live coverage of Biden’s meeting with the Pope was canceled by Vatican Television, with it broadcast a few minutes later. Why not show everything?

In both meetings, Biden was without a mask, a rare sight when in the United States. Is the rule of following the flag, or in Rome. . . ?

If that were all, a week would have been problem enough. But Friday brought another catastrophe in the form of a report on the administration’s plan to pay up to $1 billion to families of undocumented immigrants separated by the Trump administration at the border. The Wall Street Journal scoop was so weird that I initially thought it must have been a bug or a joke before Halloween because something so stupid couldn’t be right.

But the report is, of course, true, and as such reveals two other disturbing aspects of the Biden presidency: arrogance and incompetence.

Pope Francis meets US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden at the Vatican, October 29, 2021.
President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden met Pope Francis at the Vatican on October 29, 2021.
Vatican Media / Handout via Reuters

There is no rational way to explain the mere fact that there were settlement talks with attorneys from the ACLU representing immigrants, that the conversations took place in secret, and then were leaked. Perhaps the goal was to close the deal and then treat it as a fait accompli when the announcement was made.

Whatever the plan, the idea is on many levels, including that it provides another clear signal to gangs and human smugglers to continue moving their convoys north.

Uncle Saab not only opens his borders, he opens his wallet too!

Senator Tom Cotton got it right in a tweet: “It’s unreasonable to pay burglars who break into your home for the ‘psychological trauma’ they experienced during the crime,” the Arkansas Republican wrote. However, Biden’s supervisor wants to reward immigrants who entered our country illegally with up to $450,000 each for this very reason. madness.”

Others, including Texas Republican Representative Dan Crenshaw, who lost one eye fighting in Afghanistan, have indicated that families of US service members killed in the line of duty receive a $400,000 insurance payment.

“Let this sink in,” Crenshaw wrote in a tweet.

Haitian immigrants cross the Rio Grande south to Ciudad Acuna from del Rio, Texas.
It is clear that the Biden administration has gone crazy with the prospect of paying millions of illegal immigrants for breaking the law.
Omar Ornelas / USA Today Network / Sipa USA

It’s hard to accept immigrant payments, as with so many other things Biden is giving up these days. The sheer scale of greed and failure, combined with the president’s mental and physical decline, beckon the late economist Herb Stein’s wise remark: “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”

It’s a hopeful idea, but it doesn’t tell us how and when this presidential disaster will stop. Although it seems like forever, we’re still in the first year of Biden’s tenure. While he was preoccupied with reducing the presidency and avoiding the press, Vice President Kamala Harris withdrew the disappearance law.

Perhaps America can go on like this for four years. But I do not see how.

The city is a bloody horror

A friend, apparently a message from another planet, recounts an experience in Manhattan: “Last Friday, I drove downtown in District 1 to visit a friend. Subway doors open (last car, middle doors) I counted five people, all males on the side right hand.

“On the left side, there’s a huge man lying on the floor, navy blue shirt, black pants, he doesn’t look homeless. Blood on the subway seat, face down, his pants and underwear down, blood oozing from his lower regions. I check to see if it’s on Alive, breathing shallow, can not be woken up.

“Even in the ’70s, I’d never seen things like that. But nobody presented &^%$. The five passengers were looking at their phones, and their earphones, ignoring this crazy sight.”

“Trying to see if there’s a conductor, I can’t find any, I run toward the front of the train. On Christopher Street, I go down and look to see if there is an inhabited ticket booth, no, and then across the street, no.”

“So I walk about 10 Pct. And go in and tell a nice officer what happened. Her comment to me was ‘I’m sorry you had to see that.’”

Yes, that’s life in New York.”

$$ where there is no mouth O

Reader Todd Obradovic smells a scam, writing, “I find it hard to swallow the elites-driven climate change story. Why would Barack Obama spend $12 million on Martha’s Vineyard if it’s going to be underwater in just a few years? Sure, he’s smarter than that.” !”


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