Jets face uphill against elite Bengals

The Jets suffered one of the worst losses in their history last week and now they face a hot opponent…without their starting midfielder or number 1 receiver at wide.

Good luck and God bless you.

This can get ugly as the Jets (1-5) try to slow down the Bengals (5-2), who only hangs 41 points on the Ravens. The Patriots beat the Jets, 54-13, last week, the fourth most points the franchise has ever allowed. Can planes bounce back and make this game a game?

“These guys are resilient,” said team coach Robert Saleh. “They know that every time they step between the white lines they have to go. It’s the NFL. At the same time, the best-trained teams are the players-trained teams. The best-trained teams are the ones who train themselves when they take over the locker room.

“Building that continuity, that bond takes time. Obviously winning leads to sealing the bond a little bit faster. These are things we are trying to accomplish.”

Robert Saleh
Robert Saleh
Bill Gastron

It would have been better for the planes to speed up the process, at least to appear efficient. But they should do without rookie quarterback Zach Wilson, who has been out for at least two weeks with a knee injury, and No 1 wide receiver Cory Davis, who injured his thigh Thursday in practice.

The Bengals came to MetLife Stadium to look for their first three-game winning streak since 2015. Things took a hit with Cincinnati, with sophomore quarterback Joe Burrow and rising star receiver Ja’Marr Chase up front.

It is not difficult to diagnose what went wrong with the planes

– They failed to score a point in the first quarter and beat 44-0 in the opening period.

– They failed to make any interceptions in their first six games, the only team in the league to fail to get one.

– They are minus -8 in turning margin – with 11 gifts, the most in the NFL.

– They provided 16 explosive passes to the Patriots last week, allowing New England to move the ball around with ease. Bengals are second in the NFL for explosive plays, according to Saleh. On the flip side, the Jets have 12 all-season games of 25 yards or more.

“In our world, every time you give up explosives while driving, you give up points,” Saleh said. “If you get an explosive while you’re driving, you get points. So they’re a huge part of this soccer game, and we’re actually playing with a team that, I think, is second in the NFL in generated explosives and fifth in Explosives allowed. So, the whole formula for everything they did is pretty cool. But yeah, we should be a lot better in those categories.”


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