Letters to the Editor – November 1, 2021

Case: Misdemeanour charges brought against former Governor Andrew Cuomo for forcibly touching.

Phew, I’m so relieved that Attorney General Letitia James announced her candidacy for governor (“Sex Wrap in Como,” October 29).

Now we can finally see some justice for the victims of former governor Andrew Cuomo’s harassment and assault.

n. Albanians

New Rochelle

So Cuomo will be arrested.

I’d just like to take this time and thank God for my early Christmas gift and acknowledge that even President Biden’s supply chain failure can keep me from getting it.

Jake McNicolas


During his tenure as governor, Cuomo often put his thumbs in the eye of law enforcement by choosing the parole board that often granted early release to cop killers.

It was another abhorrent example of this bully’s abuse of power. But then he went overboard with his vile behavior and is now facing accusations of being an alleged serial violator of women.

As for those dungeons occupied by the liberated brutal cop killers, this might be the time to keep a dungeon dedicated to the infamous Cuomo. Only then will justice be served.

Nicholas Maffei


Assuming the former New York governor is guilty (and I’m not saying he is) of a misdemeanor of unlawful touching, why are prosecutors pursuing and not hunting down the violent criminals who destroyed New York?

There is video evidence that Black Lives Matter caused damage.

The answer is that the plaintiffs only care about themselves and not the public. AG James refuses to go after these alleged criminals and is now running for governor. Wonderful.

Joe Markovic

Boynton Beach, Florida.

The news that Cuomo will be charged with a sexual crime for his alleged harassment shows that he’s not only bad – he’s stupid as well.

Cuomo resigned as governor in order to protect himself from being impeached.

We can now see that Cuomo was cheated, easily outperformed by Democratic rivals.

New York continued to pursue a criminal investigation against Cuomo, destroying his political prospects. Thus James succeeded in eliminating a prominent competitor in her own campaign for governor.

Robert Fraser

Lancashire, United Kingdom

The issue: President Biden’s meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican last Friday.

As a patriotic American, I understand that this president does not represent the hardworking, self-reliant, law-abiding people of this country (“The Holy [no] See Biden, “October 29).

As a practicing Catholic, I believe that this Pope no longer represents the religious people who maintain this doctrine.

Pope Francis met with a so-called Catholic president who supports abortion and a socialist agenda.

I no longer accept this Pope as my spiritual leader. While he encourages American bishops not to be political, he is at the same time pushing climate change and attacking capitalism.

Anthony Bruno


Opinions differ about Biden and Representative Nancy Pelosi’s meetings with the Pope inside the Holy Walls of the Vatican. These two not only support abortion, but the more radical kind.

I think most people would agree that this administration needs prayer from the highest available source.

Joyce Polizano

Barnegat, New Jersey

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