Letters to the Editor – October 31, 2021

policeman chase statue
Apparently New York Attorney General Letitia James is trying to score points with the “progressive” wing of the Democratic Party by accusing state soldier Christopher Baldner of murder in the death of 11-year-old Monica Gods (“Thruway trooper car-ram slay rap,” Oct. 28) .

Does anyone really think it’s just a coincidence that Teich announced her plans to run against Governor Hoechhol in the Democratic gubernatorial primaries around the same time the indictment was released?

And why wasn’t the father of the child, who started the quick pursuit that led to Monica’s death, not charged?

Barry Koppel

Selfless Americans
David Harsanyi’s column (“America the Charitable,” PostScript, October 24) was the perfect contrast to the false and slanderous argument made by President Biden, who stated on January 26, “You know, we’ve bought into the view that America is a zero-sum game. If I succeed, I fail. If I advance, I will be left behind. If I get the job, I will lose my job.”

Was Biden referring to himself and other politicians? Was he referring to his supporters in the big, multibillion-dollar tech industry, who have pressured small businesses and done anything to strengthen themselves at the expense of others?

Most Americans are charitable people, who do not live by such a selfish dogma. Shame on Biden.

Robert Simmel

Subway Heroes
I’d like to thank the editors of The Post for keeping your readers updated on the recent increase in crime – as evidenced by the recent shooting of a robbery victim at a Union Square train station (“Suspect flipped on subway,” 10/28).

I hope Mayor de Blasio finds a way to honor the two police officers – Elia Pardew and Rajandeep Singh – for saving the victim’s life by putting a tourniquet on his leg.

Had it not been for Officers Singh and Pardew, the gentleman would have died. This incident reveals the folly of the “corrupt the police” movement. None of the people who believed that a city without police would be a “utopia” could do what Officers Singh and Pardew did.

John Francis Fox
bright side

guaranty bullshit
The fact that a man accused of aggravated assault and strangulation against an 11-year-old girl and the 15-year-old boy who came to her defense has been released on $7,500 bail, underscores once again how irrationally unrelated to reality and justice our criminal justice system has become ( “Villain Bankruptcy ‘Stifle Children’, October 24).

There is no concern among Democratic lawmakers, city council members or the mayor to protect victims, even if they are children, only for the rights of perpetrators, for so-called “social justice” or other misplaced justifications.

The fabric of our peace-loving city is beginning to unravel and it is the so-called progressives who are pulling the strings.

Mark E. Kasowitz

Biden’s wall
President Biden is building a wall — for himself — around his Delaware mansion (“Out of the Wall Security Plan,” Oct. 23).

Biden ignores the lack of protection on Americans’ southern border, but he wants to protect himself.

I find it very hard to believe that there are actually still supporters of this president – with his disrespect for Americans.

Robert Lintner
Saddlebrook, New Jersey

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