New York City man Alistair Mangal arrested for shooting a Molotov cocktail in a deli

Law enforcement sources said a man was arrested after he fired a Molotov cocktail at a Brooklyn restaurant and then hit a worker with a “sharp object.”

Sources said Alistair Mangal, 38, got into an argument with staff at NR Rock Daily in Bed-Stuy shortly before 8 a.m.

Mangal left, but then returned to the breakfast place on Rue Nostrand with a gas bomb and started a small fire, according to the sources.

The sources said that the workers of the Deli restaurant managed to put out the flames, but Mangal then took out a sharp object and injured a 23-year-old employee by the hand.

Police sources stated that the victim sustained minor injuries, and the alleged arsonist was arrested without further incidents.


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