NJ Pharmaceutical exec was followed by a suspect, killed after winning a casino

A drug executive who won money in a Pennsylvania casino was chased to his New Jersey home, then shot and killed in an attempted robbery, authorities said.

Sri Aravapali, 54, was shot multiple times early Tuesday morning at his home in Plainsboro Township, the Middlesex County District Attorney’s office She said. The police received a call shortly before 3:30 AM. About shooting the dwelling.

The suspect, Jekye Red John, 27, was arrested in Pennsylvania on first-degree murder. Red John, of Norristown, Pennsylvania, is still imprisoned and awaiting an extradition hearing.

The attorney general’s office said Red John “targeted” Aravapalli in Pennsylvania and then followed him more than 30 miles to the affluent city of Plainsboro outside Princeton. NBC New York She reported that Aravapalli had cashed out nearly $10,000 at Parx Casino in Bensalem before returning home.

Police told the news station that Red John didn’t know his victim but watched him come out with his earnings. A camera at the farm stand caught Aravapalli’s car driving near the suspect’s car.

Aravapalli was in the basement of his home when Red John allegedly broke in a sliding back door, according to NBC New York. Aravapalli’s wife and daughter were sleeping upstairs. Police told the station that a camera on the same platform at the farm later picked up a car heading back toward Pennsylvania.

A spokesman for the Plainsboro Police Department was not immediately available.

Police Chief Frederick Tavener offered his condolences to the Aravapalli family.

“This is an unexpected and disturbing event for their families, friends and our entire community,” he said on Facebook. statment.

Prosecutors said Red John could face additional charges. It is not clear if he has had a lawyer.

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