Patriots vs. chargers predictions, prediction: take the underdog

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New England Patriots (+4) Over Los Angeles Charger

The Chargers became an overall team at 4-2, even though they trail the Raiders by half a game at AFC West. Believe me, I don’t put much stock in the Patriots’ 54-13 defeat of the Jets, although it’s clearly a good sign of the offense improving under Mac Jones. But I still liked the fact that the Butts lost only 19-17 to the Strong Buccaneers and only 35-29 to the Cowboys in overtime. These showed me that they can at least cover up the chargers. Furthermore, while I know Justin Herbert isn’t a rookie like those Bill Belichick usually baffles, he’s still a sophomore, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the old wizard had something up his sleeve (see the Patriots) 45-0 defeat of Herbert and the Charger in December the past).

Justin Herbert
Justin Herbert
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Detroit Lions (+3.5) over Philadelphia Eagles

If the Lions win 0-17, they will be the best unbeaten team in history. They were supposed to defeat the Ravens and threw a huge scare into the Rams last week when they were 16.5 points undecided. So, I definitely see them hanging out with the Eagles and maybe an elusive win. I’m very amazed at the love of bookmakers and bookies that showed up for the inconsistent Eagles with wins only over the reluctant Falcons and Panthers. However, they were wagered from +3 to Pick’em vs Raiders last week and they have now gone from -3 to -3.5 in this game. But I would gladly take many of the points she gave us.

last week: 1-1, Bengals (W), Bears (L).
season: 10-4.


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