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As people are finally receiving orders for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro that we hope will not be canceled, they are facing a terrifying problem. The fingerprint reader is not working! Obviously there is a problem with Google’s manufacturing process, right? … right?

We’ve been following this issue since the launch of the Pixel 6 and some of them Geek . Review The book took it personally. However, faulty fingerprint readers cannot be blamed. Read on for three quick solutions to Pixel 6 fingerprint reader problems.

Set up your fingerprint again

The fingerprint reader scans the finger.
This is what the Pixel phone sees. Terrifying, isn’t it? Ink Design Idea/Shutterstock

we are in Geek . Review You can play with a lot of phones, and if there’s one thing we know about in-display fingerprint readers, it’s that they aren’t always easy to set up. Sometimes you have to go back to your settings and redo the process. It sounds silly, but it’s true.

to return a file Fingerprint setup process, open your new phone’s Settings and go to Security. You should see an option labeled “Pixel Imprint,” which is the most confusing name Google could give a fingerprint reader, but whatever.

Now that you’re in the nasty-name “Pixel Imprint” settings, delete your fingerprint and set it up again. I suggest enrolling the same finger two or three times to improve speed and accuracy – just keep in mind that you can only enroll five fingerprints on your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro at a time.

Moisturize your sad cracked fingers

Someone wet their fingers.
This guy only got a manicure for the Pixel 6! FotoDuets / shutterstock

You should really start using the moisturizer. Like, just in general. Not only does it keep your skin healthy and strong, but it improves the performance of in-display fingerprint readers. You know, like the one on the Pixel 6.

The in-display fingerprint readers are just cameras. It lights up part of your screen to get a good look at your fingerprint, which they can then compare to any fingerprints on file. If there is a match, your phone unlocks.

But if your fingers are dry or cracked (as they might be at this time of year), your fingerprints may not be very attractive. Even worse, it may not look like the fingerprints you registered on your Pixel 6!

So go ahead and grease your Pixel 6! You may want to re-register your fingerprint after taking this step to increase the accuracy of the fingerprint reader.

Dodge this screen protector

“Hey, this isn’t a Pixel 6″…Brother, do you think I care? Raskolnikov / Shutterstock

Some screen protectors are not suitable for under-display fingerprint readers. So, if you get a free screen protector from your carrier or order one with your Pixel 6, try copying this sucker. The fingerprint sensor may magically start working.

Just to be clear, screen protectors should not be Decode the fingerprint sensors. But from what we’ve seen, cheap screen protectors are the root cause of some of the problems for Pixel 6 owners. The best screen protector you’ll find in amazonIt should work fine. (We haven’t had a chance to test Pixel 6 screen protectors, so I won’t suggest any specific products. Sorry!)

If removing the screen protector fixed the Pixel 6 fingerprint scanner, go ahead and re-register your fingers. Doing so should increase accuracy and reduce false negatives.

Did all of these solutions fail? suggest contact Google support or your carrier for some help. You may have a faulty fingerprint sensor – although this problem is rather rare.

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