Prince Andrew claims Virginia Joffrey used to trade underage girls

Prince Andrew’s lawyers have made the shocking claim that the woman suing him for allegedly raping her as a teenager was actually a sex trafficker tasked with supplying “girls whores” for child sex, Jeffrey Epstein.

The Duke of York’s legal team indicted Virginia Joffrey on Friday Motion to dismiss her lawsuit in Federal Court in Manhattan against him.

In part of the legal filing, Andrew, 61, Joffrey, 38, was allegedly “involved in the premeditated recruitment and trafficking of young girls for sexual assault” by the financier, who He killed himself in a Manhattan prison Before being tried for assaulting underage girls.

“She was like a head b-h. She had nine or ten girls who used to bring her to him. The court document quotes Philip Guderion, a former friend of Joffrey, as saying in the court document that she never looked like she was being held.”

Crystal Figueroa, whose brother also dated Joffrey, said the accused asked her for help finding Epstein’s victims, according to a court filing.

“she [Giuffre] They’ll tell me, “Do you know any kind of whore girls?” The lawyers claimed Figueroa.

Britain's Prince Andrew, Duke of York visits the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital to inaugurate the new Stanmore Building, in London, Britain, March 21, 2019.
Prince Andrew’s team said Virginia Joffrey got girls from pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Giuffre alleged that she was recruited into the Epstein sex-trafficking operation in 2000 by Jesslyn Maxwell, accused of Pimping of women and underage girls The billionaire is awaiting trial in Manhattan federal court.

Giuffre alleges Andrew sexually assaulted her three times – including once in Manhattan – at Epstein’s behest, and accused royal disgrace Negation.

Prince’s recent attack accused her of making up the charges for ‘payday’, while also citing Geoffrey’s 2009 report Agreement with Epstein, which lawyers said should prevent any legal action she could take against Andrew.


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