VA Department of Education Promotes Critical Race Theory Despite McAuliffe’s Claim

The Virginia Department of Education promotes critical race theory — despite claims by Democratic nominee to Governor Terry McAuliffe that the ideology was “never taught” in the state.

The Virginia Department of Education website features a presentation urging teachers to “embrace critical race theory” Fox News reported.

Education took center stage in the competition closer than expected, as Republican Glenn Yongkin brushed off the issue.

McAuliffe called Critical Race Theory – for short, CRT – the “racist dog whistle”.

“It was not taught in Virginia and was never taught in Virginia,” McAuliffe said. recently said. “And as I’ve said this a lot, it’s a dog whistle. It’s racist, it’s dividing and it’s used by Glenn Youngkin and others, it’s the same with Trump and the border wall, to divide people. We shouldn’t divide people at school.”

But Christopher Ruffo of the City Journal, an anti-CRT writer, tweeted today that he could”Expose that lie. Rufo shared screenshots in which the state’s Department of Education described the critical race theory as “best practice.”

Youngkin has promised raises for teachers – in addition to a ban on CRT, According to the Washington Post,.

The McAuliffe campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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