Willie Maes, 90, is doing well and follows the Giants: co-author

Atlanta – as I read”24: Life Stories and Lessons from Say Baby, “The 2020 best-selling book by Willie Mays and San Francisco Chronicle National Baseball writer John Shea, I found myself thinking the same question over and over again:

Who is the he did not do Participate in this project?

The book, an autobiography of the legend destined for schoolchildren (each chapter begins with a lesson), features a dream collection of Miss Memories and a salute. The list includes interviews with former US Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. over 30 members of the Hall of Fame; Miss fellow Negroes, Giants and Mets; esteemed opponents such as Karl Erskine and Morey Wells; Barry Bonds is shy of the media in general; current stars Mookie Betts and Mike Trout; legendary singer Huey Lewis, a major baseball fan; More more too.

book cover of "24: Life Stories and Lessons from Say Baby"
Gina Renoha

“In our work, on a great day, if you send 10 calls, you’re hoping to get to 0.300 or 0.500 on a great day,” Shea said in a recent interview. “But with the Mays you probably hit 1,000, because everyone has a Willie story.”


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