College football fans explain viral kiss video of ‘Rejection’

That was the unheard kiss around the world of college football.

The couple who recently started dating broke out due to a PDA accident at Wake Forest-Duke on Saturday when an ESPN broadcast caught the man refusing a kiss from the woman.

The couple explained on social media that there is more to the story.

“I was just playing with her, like when you go kiss and then you don’t actually kiss because it’s funny,” the man said in a video on TikTok. “And that was the only part that was shown on national TV…we’re cool, it’s not crazy.”

The woman did the same, explaining in a separate video that the “rejection” was actually an “inside joke” for the couple.

“When we kiss each other, it’s like a joke between us where one of us swerves so we don’t actually kiss and that’s what was going on there,” she said, adding that her father was watching the broadcast. “We didn’t know we were taping, so I was caught live on national TV…I was a little embarrassed but now it’s kind of funny.”

The man also made a one-time Reddit account to further explain the situation.

“Basically, I’ve been talking to this girl for a while and we just started dating about a week ago. I tell her she should come to the Wake match because we haven’t lost and we’re likely to win. She says yes. We go with a bunch of friends, have a great time. The game, we flirt, we hug, we kiss a little, etc. “, he wrote. “So, we make our little inner banter, and without our knowledge, we get logged in. After the game, I find I’m in the old waking woodland class on Instagram, and within an hour I’m in the official old class page. Then, I’m on TikTok, Twitter and apparently Reddit also “.

He indicated that the situation was unlikely to happen to them again.

He wrote, “It was also her first (perhaps last?) game in college football.


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