The Packers’ call saved Blake Burtles from a double ghost

Blake Portels was living his best life when he got the call on Wednesday.

The former Jaguar quarterback was eighth at Ponte Vedra Oceanic Stadium, looking at a double bogey. According to the Associated Press,And his agent was on the other end of the line. His agent explained that Aaron Rodgers has tested positive for COVID-19. The Packers were interested in Portels, who was with the team during pre-season.

Portels put out the clubs and got on the plane as fast as he could, sadly leaving his tour behind.

3 pick in 2014, the Bortles were last on the NFL field two years ago, when he played in three games as a backup for the Rams, completing one pass for 3 yards.

Since then, Bortless has been under contract with the Broncos and the Rams, both in 2020, but he has never been close to hitting the field.

His biggest moment of success came in 2017, when he led the Jaguars to a 10-6 record and playoffs, but playing Bortles returned to Earth the following season.

Blake Bortles #9 works from Green Bay Packers
The Packers kept the Blake Portals golf round from falling apart.
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He is unlikely to see action against the presidents on Sunday; Jordan Love is set to start with Rodgers. But that might give him a chance to stay with the NFL team.

Worse, if he’s cut in a couple of weeks when Rodgers returns, the Portels can always come back and finish their run.


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