Which is better for viewers?

YouTube and TikTok are two of the most used video platforms, and both are constantly vying for your attention. So which one benefits you as a viewer by keeping you entertained and providing consistent, high-quality content?

Let’s compare YouTube and TikTok in different categories and crown a winner.

YouTube vs. TikTok: Content Scope

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Scroll through the content on TikTok and YouTube and you will notice the differences very quickly. TikTok caters for short videos that average about a minute, while YouTube videos can be for hours.

TikTok has expanded the maximum video length to about three minutes, but this time it doesn’t allow content creators on the platform to submit in-depth pieces of content. Instead, they focus on entertaining people to keep them browsing more videos.

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YouTube creators have more freedom to create any type of content they want. You’ll find videos designed for entertainment, but you can also find educational content or even full-length movies.

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For viewers, the greater range of content YouTube provides leads to a better experience on the platform. You are not limited to one specific type of content with a specific time limit; You can use the platform to search for any topic of your choice in different time periods.

YouTube is the clear winner for the type of content that is offered on both platforms. TikTok caters only to one type of audience, and improving YouTube is not enough.

winner: Youtube

YouTube vs. TikTok: Ease of Use

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YouTube has been around since 2005, so you might think the company would provide a better user experience than TikTok, but that’s not the case.

The smaller and more adaptable platform, TikTok, is a much smoother viewing experience. The platform made a splash since its inception when it started playing videos as soon as the app was opened. It also made videos at full screen size.

This design change separated it from other platforms and copied a TV-like experience. The videos keep playing and all you have to do is scroll the channel to find something different.

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Moreover, all other features, such as comments and sharing, are displayed on the video itself. Except, instead of feeling down on the screen, the icons encourage you to interact with the video itself and become part of the experience.

YouTube seems a bit old compared to TikTok. You still need to click on a particular video to watch it, and you have to click again just to fill the video screen. Not to mention that playing a different video means having to exit full screen mode and then look through the options menu.

Younger TikTok is getting more adept with time and creating a better user experience for viewers than YouTube.

winner: tik tok

YouTube vs. TikTok: Ads

TikTok ads are not integrated into the platform as much as YouTube ads are. Since the videos are very short, TikTok does not run ads in the videos themselves.

YouTube allows content creators to pin ads of multiple lengths into the same video. This leads to a terrible user experience because the ads are cutting out the content at critical times. There are also ads as you scroll and search for content.

TikTok doesn’t have this oversaturated with ads – yet. It’s small enough that it hasn’t been taken over by ads, so the content is still front and center. This does not mean that you do not see advertised content, because many influencers work with companies to promote products.

However, what it does mean is that the overall viewing experience is better on TikTok. Don’t feel overwhelmed with ads while trying to watch your favorite content.

winner: tik tok

YouTube vs. TikTok: Quality of Content

The way people create content on each platform ultimately affects how you view each platform. TikTok is relatively recent in disrepair compared to YouTube.

TikTok, with its short videos and easy download experience, appeals to the younger generation. People with a smartphone camera can start a TikTok channel right away and the quality will be as good as many of the videos currently being streamed.

YouTube has a huge variety of content and they have creators who make simple videos, but there are also creators who use a lot of expensive camera and post-production equipment.

As a viewer, high-quality content tends to be more watchable than a short video recorded on a smartphone. When it comes to the quality of the content, YouTube beats TikTok.

winner: Youtube

YouTube vs. TikTok: Content Management

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The benefit of YouTube having more experience as a platform is how its features have matured. For example, you can see a whole library of videos that you have liked in the past. You can create multiple playlists containing your favorite videos based on different topics. You can also access the full history of the videos you’ve watched, or you can add videos to a playlist to watch later.

Additionally, the ability to subscribe to different channels and get notified of new content makes it a better viewing experience than TikTok.

With TikTok, you can still watch and like your favorite videos, but there is no organizational structure to find those videos in the future. Save tons of videos and you’ll end up scrolling through all of them to find the right one.

You also cannot subscribe to different creators and be notified of their content, so you will always have to manually log back in to find the content you want to watch.

If you want a more personalized experience when consuming content, YouTube is the better platform.

winner: Youtube

YouTube is a better viewing experience

There’s no denying how entertaining TikTok is as a platform, but YouTube has a lot of experience and it shows. You can search a large catalog of high-quality videos to find all kinds of content of any length you want. You can store videos to watch later and organize them with playlists as well.

Now that you know which platform works best for your viewers, you can commit yourself to becoming a YouTube ninja to master the platform.

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