Letters to the Editor – November 13, 2021

The case: A local BLM leader’s claim that there would be “bloodshed” if the city brought back crime-fighting units.

Finally, New York City will have a mayor with a backbone who won’t hold back on activists who threaten to riot and burn down our city (“Not In My City,” November 12).

For a long time, New York and other major cities across this country have allowed these activists to dictate police policy.

Where did we get that from? The streets of every big city are stained with the blood of innocent children who were killed by thugs on the run.

Police arrest these individuals, but they are back on the streets within hours thanks to bail reform laws. Give the police the support and tools they need to end this gun violence, and our city will thrive.

Michael Greene


BLM leader Hawk Newsom threatens riot if Mayor-elect Eric Adams restores law and order to New York City.

Why take control of this large city that was once in the hands of gangsters?

Newsom did nothing to stop the violence in the city, especially black crime.

If black lives matter, why is he promoting new riots? Has the BLM not done enough harm to local businesses across this country through arson and intimidation?

Daniel Williams

West Palm Beach, Florida.

The local leader of the BLM responded to Adams’ plan to revive the crime-fighting unit by threatening riots, fire, and blood in the streets. Where is the liberal media outrage?

Loudoun County, Virginia, parents have been called homegrown terrorists, and that rant gets a pass.

I don’t think yelling at a school board meeting compares to the threat of public disorder.

Newsom and his organization need a strong reprimand from liberals and conservatives.

Andrew Zablo


Is threatening bloodshed on the streets of New York City the best way to advance and legitimize the importance of Black Lives Matter?

This so-called BLM leader is a despicable racist clown. He unabashedly continues to use his disingenuous supporters to advance his outlandish vision of what New York should be.

This clown brings shame to the BLM movement and reduces its legitimacy. Check out the BLM Global Network website: they disclaim any connection to this presumption.

If one day he decides not to live on his supporters’ money and look for a real job, his best hope for business is to drive a clown car when he visits the circus in New York. city

George Gastrinakis

Jersey City, New Jersey

We should all praise Adams for standing up to Hook Newsom, the anti-police fascist who threatened, “There will be riots, there will be fire, and there will be bloodshed,” and to his sister, Chivona Newsom, who said it would make him a “nightmare” if Adams brought the unit back. Fighting crime (threat of ‘bloodshed’ in City BLM due to police actions”, 11 November).

There is clearly a good reason why the national leadership of the Black Lives Matter movement has already distanced itself from Newsomes.

Obviously, these anti-police hate promoters only care about promoting hate and violence against the police, and they don’t care how many innocents – black and non-black – are getting harmed in the process.

John Francis Fox

bright side

I’m just wondering how the companies that pulled out and gave in and donated to Black Lives Matter feel now that Hawk Newsome’s inflammatory comments are made.

It is a pity that they did not realize the true personality and movement of this individual earlier.

Hearing Newsom’s cries, people probably wouldn’t be excited to support such a chaotic organization.

Any group that seeks to divide people, threatens civil order and generally criticizes entire groups of people is a dangerous group. A group like Black Lives Matter, for example.

Salian Ferrero

Naples, Florida.

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