Most downloaded TikTok app in October, Instagram sees sharp rise in India: Sensor Tower

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Instagram overtook Facebook to become the second most downloaded non-gaming app in October 2021 while TikTok retained its first place overall, according to a report published by mobile app analytics firm Sensor Tower. Instagram has grown exponentially in India with nearly 39 percent of the 56 million installs coming from the market. Overall, Instagram has seen a 31 percent increase in downloads since October 2020, according to the data.

The rise of Instagram in India is not surprising given that TikTok has been banned for over a year now. At one point, TikTok was growing at a fast pace in the market, with over 200 million users, which ended when the app was banned in June of last year.

Overall, TikTok retained its first position and remains the most downloaded app (in general) in October 2021, followed by Instagram and Facebook. According to the data shared by sensor towerInstagram rose from 3rd place in September 2021 to 2nd place in October 2021.

Other popular social media and messaging apps also managed to stay on top of the list. Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram were ranked as the top five non-game apps installed worldwide for this month. The numbers in the report are based on two major app stores – Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

In comparison, Instagram ranked first on the Play Store and was the most downloaded non-game app worldwide for the month of October. Facebook and TikTok follow. It seems that Telegram is still getting more attention than WhatsApp. The former took the fourth place, while WhatsApp took the fifth place.

Earlier this year, many WhatsApp users switched to Telegram because many were unhappy with the messaging app’s new privacy policies that caused an uproar and led users to search for alternatives.


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