New Horizons’ toughest new addition might be customizable fences

Personalization is the hallmark of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Since its launch in March 2020. It is the first time that fans can place furniture outside as well as in their homes, patterns can be designed to create custom items and clothing, and the entire player island can be modified. As a result, people have done everything from recreating popular pop culture sites to designing animal crossing Fashion based on games like Jinshin effect. This sense of freedom of expression has grown exponentially with version 2.0.0 and happy home paradise DLC.

Between this month’s free update and the paid expansion, there are a lot of changes that affect how players customize their island. happy home paradise Adds new mechanics to interior decoration such as partitions and polishing of items. However, even those who pay nothing can get new hairstyles from Harriet, Gyroids, ordinances, the ability to move between small gaps, and plenty of items—including some paid for Nook Miles. The Reese and Cyrus shop on Harv’s Island also unlocks item customization to an unprecedented level, but without them, players get a huge improvement in quality of life with new paint options for fences.

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Animal Crossing: Fences of New Horizons – Big and Incremental Improvement

Updated version 2 customizable Japanese green fencing

crafting item Animal Crossing: New Horizons It offered a lot of potential in terms of resource management, and while some weren’t happy with tools like grids that have the durability, there’s plenty of power left in the catalog of DIY recipes that players embody. In fact, DIYs are becoming a bigger aspect of the game thanks to time-limited holiday recipes and bigger additions like cooking in version 2.0.0.

Fences are a huge component of the DIY crafting system, where players can purchase recipes for stone walls, hedges, and various other fences made of iron or wood. This special subset of décor has special characteristics compared to regular furniture, in which players can activate a special building mode that ties fences together, allows distinct angles, and chooses between flat or tapered end sections. As with realistic fences, each variable in animal crossing Aim to create a wall or container, to be made in batches of 10 pieces each.

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Nine new fences were introduced in version 2.0.0 along with other items such as KK Slider songs, but most importantly players can now customize combinations of fence types (at the rate of one customization set for every 10 pieces). This doesn’t apply to every fence in the game, but it does affect a wide variety that people might expect based on real-life environments; Both wood and iron. Now the paneled duel around the player’s sports arena can match the colors of any team that’s supposed to be based there, for example.

Customize Black Iron Fence Version 2 update

The only drawback to newly customizable fences is that trying to get too creative may break the illusion. Fence colors cannot be switched, so a black and white painted fence will not bond together or form corners. Having the ability to create one unique color can go a long way, whether a player is trying to pick up a piece of decor more precisely from some source material or matching that item to another piece of custom furniture.

Custom fence colors may not be the brightest new addition to Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ref, but it’s probably the most vulnerable given how diverse the fences really are. Both large and incremental changes help progress new Horizons‘, which also bodes well for anywhere animal crossing The series goes after that.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Now available on Nintendo Switch.

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