OnePlus Nord 2 allegedly explodes again, company “investigation” accident

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One user reported that his OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone exploded and caused major burns. The explosion was reported on Twitter by user Suhit Sharma (Tweet embed) on November 3, the day before Diwali.

“I never expected this from you #OnePlusNord2Blast, find out what your product has done. Please prepare for the consequences. Stop playing with people’s lives.” Because of you, this boy is experiencing connectivity ASAP,” the user said on Twitter, as he shared multiple photos of the OnePlus unit Nord 2 now burnt in addition to the injuries apparently caused by the accident.

Check out the tweet below.

OnePlus responded to the tweet on the same day asking the user to reach out to the brand on their DM so they can look into the matter.

We take such incidents very seriously. Our team has already reached out to the user and we are in the process of gathering details to further investigate this matter,” OnePlus told in a statement.

Multiple crashes on OnePlus Nord 2 since launch

Since the launch of the OnePlus Nord 2 in July 2021, the phone has had three major accidents that have gained traction on Twitter, all of which are blowouts. Other than the last case, there was another case where the phone exploded in the pocket of the mantle of a Delhi-based lawyer as well as another case where the phone charger exploded.

Gaurav Gulati (Tweet embed), the Delhi-based lawyer, later sent a legal notice from the company asking the user to “stop and refrain” from creating or publishing “any defamatory videos or offensive statements” against the company. The notification also asked the user to remove his previous tweets.

The other incident was reported by Nord 2 user Jimmy Jose (Tweet embed) from Bengaluru, India on September 26. “My OnePlus Nord 2 charger blew with a loud bang and blew out the socket. Luckily I’m alive to tweet this,” the user tweeted. Check it out below.

Smartphone explosions are not as uncommon as you might think and there have been cases where phones from other brands have exploded as well over the past few years. However, you are unlikely to see the same model receive shells multiple times for incidents like this.

The famous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had many cases of overheating, catching fire and explosions from all over the world. This was later revealed by the South Korean brand as a manufacturing defect that caused phone batteries to overheat and catch fire. The company also issued a recall of 2.5 million devices and the Note 7.

We’ve reached out to OnePlus for a statement on the same and will update when the company responds.


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